Top 6 Fresher Resume Summary Examples

Updated July 30, 2021
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Resume summaries are not limited to experienced individuals. You can also write one for a fresher, i.e., a job seeker who has just graduated from school or a college program with little or no experience in hand.

In fact, if you write one at this stage, you are setting yourself up to be the best that a prospective employer can hope for.

Grabbing the attention of a reader is the basic idea behind writing a resume summary.

These are big blocks of text and are often discouraging to read since there is just too much to process in one go. However, you can cut it up into parts to make an impression.

Creating sub-headers and bolding out important information can help you in dealing with this dilemma. This will help immensely if the hiring manager decides that he doesn’t want to go through yet another resume – he can simply go through the summary and be done with it!

But to make sure that your summary works at least half as much as the resume would if it was read, you have to make it healthy and meaningful.

By reading the resume summary, a hiring manager intends to learn some persuasive facts about the writer.

A word of warning: do not make unsubstantiated claims in your resume summary. Provide solid information that can be believed.

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Here is how you can do this at the entry-level:

Sample Summay Statements to Use in a Fresher Resume

  1. An enthusiastic high school graduate with a strong interest in handling front desk work at a dynamic organization. Effectively able to handle tier-1 services by ensuring exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

  2. Recent high school graduate with creative and organizational skills. Reliable and dependable with a unique talent for customer services, aimed at ensuring return business. Able to work efficiently for long hours and on rotating shifts.

  3. Energetic self-starter with a “big picture” focus; completely performance-driven, specifically in building bridges and uniting members to work on a common cause. Accomplished public speaker and team leader, who enjoys challenges.

  4. Fresh IT graduate with exceptional strengths in handling critical problem-solving activities and technical troubleshooting. Ability to adapt to change and possesses eagerness towards learning and contributing to the organization quickly.

  5. A globally-focused fresh business graduate with a keen awareness of complex business processes and systems. A track record for outstanding leadership, excellent communication, and strong work ethics.

  6. A versatile and analytic individual with a practical hands-on approach, aimed at achieving results to benefit the company in terms of high revenues and increased customer base. Excellent presentation skills and a strong ability to quickly establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds.

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