Surgical Tech Resume Objective Samples

Updated on: May 20, 2019

Surgical Tech Resume objectives have the power to distinguish the best candidate amongst many.

Since resume objectives are the foremost thing that employers read, they – intentionally or unintentionally – end up making a crucial decision based on this statement.


While the other sections of a Surgical Tech Resume are essential as well, the resume objective is more so just because it sums the entire resume in a few sentences.

Without meaning to undermine the power of the rest of the resume content, the objective is what makes or breaks a candidate’s chances of employment.

That is why there is much emphasis placed on writing a strong resume objective that is tailored to a particular job.

If you are applying to different companies, you must make sure that your resume objective is tailored to each position separately.


If you are building a resume for the position of a surgical technician, you may need first to pick out power words from the job description.

Since you are applying for a position at a hospital, you will need to highlight your knowledge of patient handling and surgical procedures in your resume objective.

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Surgical Tech Resume Objective Samples

• Results-oriented professional seeking a Surgical Technician position at South Austin Medical Hospital. Offers sound knowledge of handling pre and post-op surgical support procedures along with exceptional ability to work well under stressful surgical conditions.

• Looking for a position as a Surgical Technician at North Westchester Hospital employing the ability to ensuring sterile maintenance of surgical rooms and patient preparation activities.

• Seeking a Surgical Technician position at Wing Memorial Hospital. Bringing the experience of 200-hour Surgical Technologist Externship along with a demonstrated ability to prepare sterile instrument tables and assembling surgical supplies and equipment.

• To obtain a Surgical Technician position with St. Luke’s Medical Center utilizing expertise in preparing sterile dressings and ensuring the maintenance of a clean and well-equipped surgical room.

• To work as a Surgical Technician for ABC Surgical Hospital applying knowledge of managing pre and postoperative surgical duties along with handling patient preparation and education duties.

• Desire a position as a Surgical Assistance with John Hopkins Hospital. Offering capability of providing surgical support to surgical teams and the ability to handle surgical crises with tact and professionalism.

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