Radiologist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: January 27, 2018

An interview can be the most important event in our lives.

When we appear for an interview, we are actually being judged for how we conduct ourselves professionally, and personally.

Satisfy the interviewer on both these accounts, and you are good to go.

Here is a set of sample Radiologist interview questions along with possible answers to help you prepare:



Radiologist Interview Questions and Answers

What brought you into the world of radiology?
I have always been quite fascinated by radiology, and when it was time for me to decide on a career, I trained in this area.

As a radiologist, what have been your duties in the past?
While working as a radiologist, I have been busy evaluating patients’ medical histories, performing diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays, operating imaging equipment, referring patients to appropriate medical professionals, and writing correlating reports to assist with diagnosis.

What skills do you believe a radiologist needs in order to work as a successful radiologist?
To work as a radiologist in a successful manner, it is imperative for people to possess exceptional skills in working with computed tomography, magnetic resonance machines, and positron emission tomography. Apart from this, it is important for people working in this position to be detail-oriented and analytic by nature, and be able to work with patients and medical professionals in a profound manner.

What has been your most difficult case so far?
Last year, I received a patient for an MRI, whose images kept changing all through the scan. It was a strange phenomenon and we couldn’t really figure out what was going on. Many days later, I was going through a research in which the researcher had pointed out that patients with Parkinson’s Disease sometimes have significant brain activity, which makes MRI and CT scan results go haywire. Upon giving the patient a relaxant and re-performing the test, we managed to get a clearer result. This I believe was the most difficult case that I have encountered up till now.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, where do you rate your technology skills?
I would give myself a realistic 8, as I am quite well-versed in using radiology technology. Of course, with technology changing so much, I still have a lot to learn.

What do you want to do career-wise, 5 years from now?
Presently, I am working in diagnostic radiology. Within the next 5 years, I would like to train in interventional radiology, which I believe what my true calling is.