Nurse Case Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: January 27, 2018

Resumes provide applicants with great opportunities, as far as getting the skills and qualifications information across is concerned.

If not written with care, they can actually have the opposite effect.

Use the following resume sample to get ideas:



Nurse Case Manager Resume Example



Simon Brown

16 Bake Lake Road, Newport, WA60202
(000) 475-4125 | simon.brown @ email . com


13+years’ extensive experience in identifying patients’ healthcare needs, and providing them with correlating services. Successful track record of creating, developing, and implementing core patient care plans, to meet the individual needs of each assigned patients.

• Documented success in making assessments of resources and support networks.
• Effectively able to coordinate tests, examinations, and consultations, according to the conditions of all patients.
• Competent in determining the dynamic needs of each patient, and modifying care plans accordingly.
• Qualified to provide education to patients and their families, aimed at ensuring that they understand in-home care.


✓ Plan Development ✓ Plan Modification ✓ Patient Education
✓ Variance Identification ✓ Patient Discharge ✓ Information Flow
✓ Patient Assessment ✓ Emotional Support ✓ Results Review
✓ Records Management ✓ Diagnostic Procedures ✓ Care Quality Monitoring

• Created and implemented a series of care plans, which could easily be modified to meet the dynamic needs of each patient.
• Implemented a patient education program, which was considered 75% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced a patient evaluation program module, which was much more efficient than the one already being used.
• Held 15 educational seminars on the importance of patient and family education, between the years 2011 and 2017.


Nurse Case Manager
Sava Healthcare, Newport, WA | 3/2011 – Present
• Assess new patients to determine their specific illnesses and conditions.
• Create, develop, and implement core healthcare plans to meet the individual needs of each patient.
• Determine the dynamics of each patient care plan, and modify it according to patients’ requirements.
• Monitor the quality of care being provided to patients, and intervene where required.
• Provide advocacy services to assist impaired patients in accessing healthcare services from government agencies.
• Coordinate discharge plans, aimed at ensuring continued care by home health aides.
• Direct the daily functions of all nursing professionals, ensuring that high quality services are provided.
• Create and maintain records of assigned patients in a safe and confidential manner.

Registered Nurse
Genex Services, Newport, WA | 2/2005 – 3/2011
• Provided one on one nursing services to assigned patients, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing at all times.
• Started IVs and drips, and observed patients throughout each procedures.
• Assisted patients in handling daily work processes, including bathing, toileting and grooming.
• Provided patients with information on their care plans, and assistance in understanding in-home care.
• Created and implemented core medical care plans, ensuring that modifications were made as and when required.

Washington State University, Newport, WA – 2002
Master’s Degree in Nursing