Radiologic Technologist Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 14, 2021

There is no way that you can get out of filling out the skills section in your Radiologic Technologist resume – if you opt to do so, your resume will be considered incomplete.

Writing skills in a resume will bring you not one, but several steps closer to being considered for the position on which you have your heart set.

What does Radiologic Technologist resume skills include?

There are two categories here:

  1. Hard Skills – ones that you use to perform the specific duties of your job profoundly.
  2. Soft Skills – skills that you possess as an individual, such as communication abilities, and interpersonal capabilities.

You have to provide hiring managers with a list of skills that amalgamates both.

Remember that many other job candidates will be doing the same thing, which is why it is imperative that you work on your skills statements with high priority.

The main idea behind writing the skills section in a Radiologic Technologist resume is to make sure that you come across as the right person to hire for a position.

Some skills statements for a radiologic technologist are provided below to help you write your own:

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Sample Skills for Radiologic Technologist Resume

• Exceptionally well-versed in setting up and calibrating radiologic equipment and machines.

• Demonstrated expertise in performing patient intake activities, to determine conditions, and reasons for radiologic intervention.

• Effectively able to communicate with patients, in a bid to place their fears at bay, encouraging them to be comfortable during radiologic procedures.

• Deep familiarity with positioning and directing patients onto tables and chairs, or maneuver them in standing positions, to aid the exposure procedure.

• Proficient in operating radiologic machines and equipment to perform x-rays, and related exposures.

• Look through exposed films to ensure that they are of high quality, and repeat any low-quality exposures.

• Ability to prepare reports for each patient, and highlight any issues that may have surfaced during the radiologic scan.

• Known to create and maintain effective liaison with doctors and staff members, to ensure delivery of well-structured coordinated care plan.

• Supervise recordkeeping tasks, ensuring that all records are kept in an updated format at all times.

• Special talent for overseeing the cleanliness and maintenance of assigned radiologic equipment and machines.

• Documented success in monitoring inventory of radiologic supplies, ensuring that any item that is low in stock, is communicated to the procurement department.

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