Patient Escort Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 21, 2023

Writing to a person whom you have never met is a difficult thing to do, especially if there is work involved.

When you begin writing a cover letter to apply for a patient escort job, your main concentration should be on making an impression that is a notch above positive.

It is only if you are the best that you can impress a hiring manager into giving your candidature serious consideration.

What is it about cover letters that make employers happy?

A cover letter that is exceptionally well-written, covering all grounds, is one that makes a prospective employer exultant.

By all grounds, we mean that the cover letter you send in should be complete and relevant in information regarding your skills and qualifications. Anything less than this will be trashed – that is a surety.

The patient escort cover letter is basically just an insight into your specific abilities to do the job.

Articulate these with care and you can be sure of receiving an appointment letter soon.

Here is a sample cover letter for the patient escort resume:

Sample Cover Letter for Patient Escort Position

June 21, 2023

Mr. Brian Thompson
Human Resource Manager
Mohawk Valley Health System
1020 Clover Mill Avenue
Collegeville, PA 19642

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I am excited to apply for the patient escort position at Mohawk Valley Health System. Hoping to provide you with the benefits of my expertise as a Patient Escort, I offer the attached resume for your review.

As a patient escort, I have worked diligently in transporting patients between units and departments. Since I am an inherently pleasant individual, I can easily engage patients in conversation, aiming to place their fears at bay, and encouraging them to make the best of their circumstances.

With my proficiency in transporting both able-bodied patients and those with physical limitations, while ensuring their dignity at all times, I will be a direct asset to your team of patient escorts. Moreover, I offer exceptional insight into handling repairs and maintenance of transport equipment, ensuring that they are safe for patients.

I would like to shed further light on my suitability for a patient escort position at Mohawk Valley Health System in a personal meeting with you. I will call you next week to set up a mutually convenient interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincere regards,

Gina Walker

(000) 457-4521

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