8 Health Unit Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 21, 2021
1. Introduce yourself? OR Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a compassionate, helpful, and systematic certified Health Unit Coordinator and have served in 3 different hospitals in a similar role over the past seven years. I possess a strong team play spirit and am also fully well versed in applicable HIPPA guidelines.

2. What are the three strengths that have helped you in this role?

I believe the three strengths that have helped me in this role are effective communication skills, organization and time management.

3. What are the main responsibilities of a Health Unit Coordinator?

A health care unit coordinator is mainly responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality patient care, compiling patient’s demographics and data related to services delivered for billing, and maintaining patient case files.

4. What challenges are you looking forward to dealing with in this role?

Being a self-motivated individual, I thrive on the challenge. In the role of a health unit coordinator, I look forward to challenges like handling patient complaints, consolidating online patient data, and contacting insurance companies for claim processing.

5. Why should we hire you?

You should hire me because my profile is in exact synchronization with your job demands and additionally, I bring hands-on experience in implementing satisfactory health unit SOPs along with proven team coordination skills.

6. What is your biggest weakness?

I am a perfectionist. I like my work done in an excellent manner and it annoys me when my team members are not performing up to the mark. However, I usually overcome this weakness by briefing them regularly on how to maintain high standards of patient delivery service at the hospital.

7. What have you learned from your past mistakes in the role of a health unit coordinator?

Last year the department was given the task of disinfecting all rooms using a new sanitizing technique and I allocated duties to all staff members accordingly.

One of them did not perform the additional duty too well so I distributed his duties among the rest of the staff who had performed well. Later I realized my mistake; not only other employees complained about being over-burdened but also the employee who had refused developed a habit of walking out on duties. Next time I was required to allow extra duties, I assigned him his part of the extra work and explained to him that any of the other workers would not do his job at any cost. I asked him to work extra hours in case he was unable to complete assigned tasks on time.

8. How do you react if a co-worker does not seem to like you?

I am a generally easy-going, courteous, and friendly person and try my best to resolve any point of conflict with my coworkers who don’t seem to like me much through dialog. However, if I’m not able to do that I make sure that my relationship with the coworker does not affect my work in any way.

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