Health Information Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: December 31, 2015

The whole thing about resumes being “detailed” is oh so passé! And that is because people often mistake the word “detail” for “too much information”. While resumes do need to be detailed, ones that have too much information in them are a complete turnoff. Hiring managers seldom have time to read a lot of information – detail here translates into relevant information.

Relevant resumes are the only ones that are given favor by a hiring manager. They need information to help them decide in favor of a candidate – long, boring resumes do the opposite.

Take a look at the following resume sample for a health information technician position that is detailed yet precise:


Health Information Technician Resume Sample


Eugene Reed

752 Wychwood Way ● Warren, NJ 07542 ● (000) 999-9999 ● eugreed @ email . com


SUMMARY: Exceptionally-organized individual who is highly skilled in examining patient data to determine accuracy and punching it into predefined information databases. Adept at reviewing received records for compliance and regulations by performing thorough assessments and analysis.


• First-hand experience in promptly and accurately entering data such as patient demographics, history and extent of illnesses into hospital systems
• Proficient in determining accuracy of data by correlating diagnostic procedures and treatments with specified diseases
• Demonstrated ability to plan, develop and maintain a variety of health records indexes by effectively classifying, storing and analyzing information
• Proven record of resolving codes or diagnosis that may be conflicting by contacting doctors and nursing personnel for clarifications


• Records Security • Data Integrity
• Health Records Indexes • Diagnose-related Groups Assignment (DRGs)
• Insurance Billings • Diagnostic Procedures
• Insurance Reimbursement Procedures • Information Accuracy
• Information Retrieval • Census Data Management
• Electronically Coded Paperwork • Medical Transcription Support

• Implemented a complex data indexing system, which reduced information retrieval time by 62%
• Secured patient data by a 100% by introducing “Patient Lock” a system that ensures complete data lockdown until an authorized person accesses it
• Increased the efficiency of the insurance reimbursement system by creating and maintaining effective relationships with insurance companies on the facility’s panel
• Taught 15 new health information technician trainees in healthcare reimbursement methods and classification and coding systems as part of their training program


Health Information Technician
VALLEY HEALTH SYSTEM, Warren, NJ (6/2010 to Present)

• Receive and check patient demographic information for accuracy and completeness
• Compare all received information with set standards to ensure compliance and integrity of data
• Enter data such as demographic information, history, extent of disease and diagnostic procedures into facility databases
• Compile and maintain patients’ records so that medical conditions and treatments can be effectively tracked and documented
• Plan, develop and operate health record indexes and retrieval systems to collect, store or classify information
• Transcribe medical reports and ensure that all transcribed information is accurate
• Identify, compile and code patient data by following standards classification systems
• Respond to requests for information retrieval by first verifying identity and purpose of the person asking for it

Heath Information Aide
ANN ARUNDEL MEDICAL CENTER, Warren, NJ (1/2010 to 5/2010)

• Assessed received patient data to determine accuracy and completeness
• Assisted in punching patient information such as demographics and treatment provided in facility database
• Provided support in preparing statistical and narrative reports by collecting data from different avenues
• Ascertained the accuracy of received data by consulting classification manuals to locate disease processes information
• Processed and prepared government forms and admission and discharge documents


Accredited Medical Records Technician

High School Diploma