Echo Tech Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 19, 2019

A cover letter is a powerful tool when it comes to initiating contact with a prospective employer.

Every resume must be accompanied by one.


It might be your only chance to capture the employer’s interest, so it’s best to seize the opportunity.

Your main goal while writing an echo technician cover letter should be to let the employer know why you are the right candidate for the position.

Demonstrate some of the knowledge you possess about the company by relating to the company’s mission statement or to the exact job requirements as stated in the advertisement you are responding to. This helps the employer see a connection.

You can also use various formats for creating relevance among your expertise and job requirements.


Opting for a tabular format is usually a wise decision, especially if you are responding to an advertised vacancy.

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Echo Tech Cover Letter Sample


Mason James
658 Main Street, Dallas, TX 76555
(007) 666-4444
mason . james @ email . com

May 19, 2019

Mr. Jack Hilton
HR Manager
Healthy Ways
989 Green Field Sq
Dallas, TX 76555


Dear Mr. Hilton:

I am writing to apply formally for the advertised position of echo technician at Healthy Ways. I bring seven-plus years of hands-on experience in echo technique practice, ultrasonography, and cardiac analysis using EKGs. The scope of my experience includes but is not limited to the ICU and NICU.

As my profile successfully caters for all the job requirements stated in your advertisement, please allow me to paint a picture of the same:

Your Requirements


My Qualifications

– Familiarity with the echocardiogram equipment and testing   ✔ Proficient in carrying out carotid, double flow, reflux, and duplex analysis using the echocardiogram equipment effectively
– Skilled in conducting M Mode 2-D Doppler   ✔ Skilled in conducting pulse and continuous wave Doppler for diagnostic and screening purposes
– Knowledgeable of patient care and safety protocols   ✔ Well versed in establishing patient safety before during and after USG based screening procedures
– RCUR-RDCS Registration   ✔ CCI, RCUR-RDCS Registered, CPR trained

I appreciate your time in reviewing my attached resume. I will make a follow-up call in the coming week and answer any questions you may have about my qualifications. An opportunity of having an interview with you would be highly appreciated, where I would be able to elaborate on how my skills could come in handy at Healthy Ways. Should you need to talk sooner, feel free to call me at (006) 555-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Mason James

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