Duties and Accomplishments for Patient Access Coordinator Resume

Updated on: March 10, 2022

Use the following statements in the experience and accomplishments section of a Patient Access Coordinator’s Resume:

• Collected and compiled data/information from patients such as insurance documentation and patient identification information.

• Efficiently completed registration for all patients correctly and on time with no supervision.

• Arranged multiple requests and priorities orderly which saved time and met deadlines.

• Served as a primary source of communication with staff members, employees, and patients and resolved menial problems arising from patients and staff.

• Conducted interviews with patients to gather demographic and financial data to complete the registration process correctly and competently.

• Easily obtained appropriate signatures, notified patients of hospital rules and regulations as well as collected appropriate monies.

• Proficiently completed computer-assigned tasks using Microsoft office and Spreadsheets.

• Typed documents with a high typing speed of 55 WPM.

• Dealt with numerous coordination issues and overcame them by exhibiting and exercising exceptional telephone etiquette.

• Professionally handled the healthcare department not only by pre-registering patients to avoid any mismanagement but also by providing financial counseling and assistance.

• Promoted satisfaction through proactive administrative services, facilitated authorization processes, and exercised sound judgment with minimal supervision.

• Skillfully used clinical and medical insurance knowledge to assist in obtaining medical overrides, developing cost estimates as well as coordinating pre-determination procedures.

• Participated in operational processes related to referrals including identifying programs to enhance processes that guarantee client satisfaction and visited hospitalized patients and their family members for better service quality.

• Evaluated and comprehended patient needs, also recognized and secured appropriate referrals based on patient needs.

• Processed, tracked, and documented patient care throughout the patient’s experience using an optimistic, kind and helpful attitude.

• Cooperatively provided consistent education to trainees, collaborated with staff and team members to ensure seamless delivery of patient access activities.

• Offered empathetic patient care by focusing on maintaining a friendly, healthy, clean, and incredibly dynamic environment.