Clinical Liaison Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 28, 2018

If interviews confuse you, you must find out why they do! It is usually for lack of preparation that we end up messing up an interview.

Have a look at the following set of questions and answers for a clinical liaison interview, to get a little heads up:



Clinical Liaison Interview Questions and Answers

What made you decide to work as a clinical liaison?
I am great at my work – which is nursing primarily. When the position of a clinical liaison nurse opened in the facility where I am presently working, I could not help but feel that this may be just what I needed to prove that I have excellent skills in handling nursing work and clinical liaison work. The fact that I know the work and find it fascinating also helped me decide that this is where I wanted to work.

As a clinical liaison, what have been some of your core duties in your present position?
As a clinical liaison, I have been actively assessing patients to determine if they need outpatient services, or require hospital admission. In addition to this, I have been busy liaising with medical staff members to ensure that patient advocacy is given a priority, and that any issues or problems that they may have, are resolved as soon as possible. Also, I have been responsible for making sure that referrals are appropriately handled, and that insurance coverage information if verified and recorded on time.

Apart from required nursing and liaison skills that one needs to work as a clinical liaison, what skills do you possess, personally speaking?
I am an exceptionally patient person, which goes a long way in assisting patients with their queries and handling advocacy work. Additionally, I am kind and compassionate, which works exceptionally well where working with distressed family members is concerned. Moreover, you will find me to possess excellent persuasion and negotiation skills, which come in handy when handling irate patients or family members.

What has your most challenging work day been like?
My most challenging workday was about six weeks ago when I had to handle a patient who was convinced that he needed immediate admission to the hospital, on account of “I have every right to be admitted since I have chicken pox.” Since the disease is not life-threatening and does not require hospital admission, I had no choice but to put my foot down, and suggest that he enroll himself for a counseling session. I was sure there would be backlash. There wasn’t, as he agreed immediately!

What is your greatest strength?
I am a highly analytic individual, which is a God-sent in almost all clinical liaison situations.

What are your 5-year career plans?
I am hoping to make my way up to the position of a clinical liaison manager soon.