Safety Watch Resume Sample

Updated: March 5, 2018


Every resume that you write needs to be exceptionally well-written from all angles.

The following sample will tell you which sections you can use to make your resume a good read:




Safety Watch Resume Example




Raymond Lewis
5 South Lane, Moore, OK 10473
(000) 325-2541


Highly responsible, reliable, and resourceful individual, with extensive experience in overseeing industrial and production procedures to ensure that they are safely performed. Demonstrated expertise in enforcing measures to ensure the safety of people and equipment, in assigned areas.
• Experienced in monitoring and testing equipment and procedures to ensure the safety of people and items.
• Documented success in implementing programs and plans, aimed at ensuring safety from fire and other hazardous materials.
• Proven ability to verify that safety precautions are in place during welding and grinding activities.
• Exceptionally well-versed in assisting with activities such as blinding, blanketing, and valve removal, ensuring that safety measures are taken into account.


• Fire Safety • Monitoring • Testing
• Safety Precautions • Detection • Equipment Use
• Systems Integrity • Oxygen Checking • Emergency Response
• Safety Maintenance • Risk Control • Hole Watch

• Increased the security of personnel working directly with flammable materials, by suggesting additional protective clothing.
• Decreased the risk of fire within confined workplaces, by implementing a novel hole-watch system.
• Saved the lives of 35 workers, by recognizing signs of trouble, and evacuating them before a fire broke out.
• Implemented an oxygen checking system, which proved to be 50% more efficient than the one already in place.


Safety Watch
Tradesmen International, Moore, OK | 2011 – Present
• Look through systems and equipment to ensure that all safety measures are in place.
• Confer with workers to ensure that they are aware of safety measures, and are employing them correctly.
• Monitor and test implemented safety precautions, ensuring that they are placed properly.
• Watch out for hazards in the workplace, and ensure that workers are made aware of them.
• Intervene in situations that require immediate intervention, such as accidents and emergencies.
• Ascertain that flammable materials are kept away from ignition sources.
• Handle fire extinguishing activities in cases of fires, and ensure that fire alarms are appropriately set.
• Create and submit lists of possible fire hazards, and other problems for the management to look into.

Safety Intern
Silverton, Moore, OK | 2005 – 2011
• Assisted in providing safety watch workers with information on possible hazards.
• Oversaw the activities of workers to ensure that they were properly being carried out.
• Set up fire and hazard alarms, and ensured that they were in good working order.
• Ascertained that any faulty alarms were replaced, and any related issues were communicated to the manager.
• Created and maintained logs of problems and hazards, related to the workplace, identified through inspection.

Moore High School, Moore, OK
High School Diploma