Target Stocker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated March 9, 2017


The last stage of anything, whether it is a game or a job application process, is always the most difficult. That is how it’s designed. Where employment is concerned, the last stage (which is the interview process) is challenging not just for the person whose last hopes depend on the interview, but also for the person who is banking heavily on this process to bring on board an employee whom he can trust.

Interviews are seldom easy phases. People sitting on either side of the table are full of hope and dread. As a candidate, the best that you can do is prepare well. Have a look at some sample interview questions and answers:


Target Stocker Interview Questions and Answers

As a stocker, what do you think your responsibilities will be once you are hired at Target?
On any typical day at work at Target, I assume that my responsibilities will include receiving merchandise and comparing it with invoices, unpacking boxes and placing items on shelves, designing and setting up visual displays to attract customers, ascertaining that the inventory is properly handled, and at times assisting customer in choosing and locating the products that they need.

How do you feel about working on a rotating shift?
I have worked on rotating shifts before and have no qualms doing day or night shifts.

What specific skills do you think a stocker at Target should possess?
Since Target is known for its structured environment, a stocker working here should be exceptionally well organized, and possess the knowledge of how to handle inventory. In addition to this, he should be able to manage labelling and pricing duties, and ensure positive customer contact.

What does good customer service mean to you?
A happy customer automatically translates into repeat business. Provision of good customer services is my main concern, whether I am directly or indirectly dealing with customers.

What is the one thing that you keep in mind when performing your duties as a stocker?
I strictly adhere to the 4 Ps of marketing when perform stocking duties. In addition to this, I make sure that any expired or near expiry items are removed immediately.

Do you have any visual merchandising experience?
Yes. In my present place of employment, I am responsible for setting up eye catching visual displays, in accordance with visual merchandising protocols. In fact, I was responsible for singlehandedly creating a large display of a newly introduced item, which resulted in increased customer interest, and of course amplified revenues.