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Updated on: April 11, 2019

Just like an objective, a summary is also part of the resume – of course, you cannot use both in the same resume.

If you choose to include a summary, you are doing great favors to yourself as you are providing hiring managers with a chance to get to know you in one glance.


Usually, a summary is chosen to be placed on a tax preparer resume when the applicant is confident about his or her skills and competencies, because of the experience that he or she has gained over the years.

Writing a resume summary is not much different from writing an objective statement. Perhaps the only difference is in the amount of information that you are allowed to provide in the former.

A tax preparer resume summary will require you to research information about yourself – your skills, competencies, and accomplishments – and then use this information to entice the hiring manager into considering hiring you.

It may not seem too easy when you are about to write your first resume summary, but as you go on, you will know that it is probably not rocket science.

Aligning your skills and abilities with the prospective employer’s requirements is all that you need to do. And then place all this information into a short, well-structured paragraph.

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Some examples of resume summaries for a tax preparer position are provided below:

Tax Preparer Resume Summary Examples

• Highly skilled tax preparer with over 5+ years of experience in providing individuals and companies with support in handling their tax requirements. Demonstrated expertise in preparing income tax returns in accordance with state and federal procedures, and filing them in an accurate and timely manner.

• Top-performing Tax preparer with 10+ years of dedicated experience in reviewing companies’ financial records to determine strategies for preparing taxes. Highly talented in obtaining information on deductible expenses, allowances, and taxable incomes, through interviewing clients and department heads.

• Exceptionally talented tax preparer, with demonstrated expertise in engaging clients in conversation to obtain information regarding their income and expenditures for tax preparation. Deeply familiar with using appropriate adjustments, deductions, and credits to keep taxes to a minimum.

• Resourceful, dedicated, and highly experienced individual, with extensive exposure to handling tax matter for individuals and companies. Well-versed in preparing simple and complex tax returns, and ensuring that they are correctly filed.

• Dedicated, skilled, methodical, and reliable tax preparer, boasting 10 years of experience in the field. Documented success in calculating tax payments according to set protocols, and ensuring that they are filed to the right government departments, on time.

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