Tax Preparer Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 29, 2018

It is essential to ensure that the information which you provide in a Tax Preparer resume is complete and accurate. This goes especially for the skills section as one often ends up taking this part of the resume lightly. Remember that writing skills in a resume can get you the job immediately, provided that what you write in it is something that impresses the hiring manager. And this may be challenging because it is difficult to understand what a hiring manager wants explicitly from an applicant.

Difficult but not impossible. Tax Preparer skills statements need to be written in a way that they attract a hiring manager to you as a candidate. This is best done when you write your skills statements to meet the specific requirements of the hiring manager. Come as close to them as possible. And do not bother with fancy words and phrases because the only thing that will impress the hiring manager at this point is how well-versed you are in the areas that he or she wants you to be. The rest will be ignored, or worse, rejected.

Being focused helps here. Pay particular attention to how you can match your skills with what the hiring manager wants in an employee, and you are good to go.

Here are some sample skills statements that will give you an idea of how to word yours:


Sample Skills for Tax Preparer Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in communicating with individuals to determine their tax return requirements and limitations.
• Proficient in estimating tax returns preparation time, after thoroughly assessing company or individual situations.
• Adept at explaining and simplifying tax concepts, and provide tax planning tips and advice as applicable.
• Proven ability to check information input in tax return forms to detect errors in data entry.
• Highly experienced in computing taxes owed or overpaid, using technology such as adding machines and personal computers.
• Skilled in preparing simple and complex tax returns for individuals and businesses.
• Exceptionally talented in reviewing financial documents such as income statement and expenditures, aimed at determining forms required to prepare tax returns.
• Well-versed in calculating form preparation fees in accordance with return complexities, and processing time required.
• Deeply familiar with determining procedures for preparing atypical returns by consulting tax law handbooks and bulletins.
• Qualified to use information from tax form instructions and tax tables to create appropriate entries on tax forms.
• Competent in verifying forms prepared by individuals to ensure that any discrepancies or errors are handled immediately.