Event Assistant Cover letters are an integral part of job application set. Alternatively known as letter of intent or letter of introduction, they are an initial source of connection between an prospective employer and a candidate. A cover letter is practically your first impression as a suitable candidate which is why it is known as a decisive document.

Before writing a cover letter for the position of an event assistant, go through the job advertisement thoroughly. Though all employers demand same skills for this position but there are certain employer preferences based on company’s needs that cause the job description vary from one company to another. It is important to find out what your target employer is looking for before you start writing.

Following is an event assistant cover letter example for guidance.

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Event Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Beth Gibbs
89 Ricky Lane
Ashburn, VA 89443
(003) 666-8888
Beth. Gibbs @ email . com

October 5, 2014

Mr. Timothy George
HR Manager
Elite Event Planning Services
919 Madison Sq
Ashburn, VA 89443


Dear Mr. George:

▬ Are you looking for a passionate event assistant to boost the business of Elite Event Planning Services?

▬ Could you use a skilled and practiced hand in event planning and management?

▬ Do you seek an event assistance professional who is expert in generating timelines and successful achieving all targets in time?

If yes, then my attached resume will definitely interest you!

As an energetic event assistant who is working in event management industry for the last four years, I am excited to put my skills for the success of your events. Following are brief highlights of my core competencies which seems perfectly compatible to your job description:

✔ Expert in organizing conferences, ensuring proper setting up of AV aids requested by the client and handling the guests travel and stay bookings.
✔ Skilled in site inspection and securing company favorable negotiations with caterers and third party vendors.
✔ Documented success in managing logistics for high volume events.
✔  Solid track record of meeting and exceeding timeline and budgetary targets.

Having elaborated my remarkably matching competencies above with your job requirements, I will excitedly wait for an interview call from you soon. If you need any additional information, please contact me at (005) 222-6666.



Beth Gibbs

Encl. Resume