Beauty Analyst Job Description

Updated on September 25, 2017

Position Overview

A beauty analyst, or a beauty advisor, as he or she is more popularly known as is an individual who provides advice to clients regarding their hair and skin beauty needs. They are usually hired on cosmetic counters or departments, and are required to assist clients in determining what they need in terms of beauty products and procedures.

Some beauty analysts may also be hired in a salon capacity, where they do not only provide advice, but perform beauty treatments as well.

Education & Skills Requirements

Usually a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a beauty analyst. Some organizations may want you to have a relevant course or diploma to your name, while others will train you on the job. To be considered eligible for this position, one has to possess exceptional knowledge of popular beauty trends, and products that are of high quality and good reputation in the market.

Additionally, it is important for people aspiring to obtain a job as beauty analysts to be pleasant of nature, as they often represent an entire organization. Expertise in performing beauty care procedures, and some experience in handling retail sales is also required if this is the work that you want to do.


Beauty Analyst Duties and Responsibilities


• Greet clients as they arrive at the counter or facility, and inquire into their purpose of visit in a polite tone

• Provide information of beauty products and treatments offered by the facility

• Respond to questions regarding specific beauty treatments, and suggest newly introduced ones to clients

• Assess clients’ skin and hair types to determine what they require in terms of makeovers or treatments

• Assess clients’ specific requirements and provide suggestions according to them

• Perform product demonstrations such as applying makeup and providing blow dry, to encourage clients to take
interest in purchasing items

• Assist clients in choosing the right products according to their hair and skin types

• Keep constantly updated about new products introduced by representing companies, and those dished out by

• Maintain effective liaison with suppliers to ensure timely and efficient delivery of required products

• Ascertain that supplies inventory is in order, and communicate any low stock situations to the manager

• Read instructions and product information on each item, in order to correctly communicate its benefits to