17 Software Engineer Achievements and Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: January 7, 2021
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An achievement is anything that the individual did, which had a significant positive effect on the company. A software engineer should essentially write a resume that focuses on what they have achieved in a previous job, or throughout their careers.

Carrying out a particular activity, using a specific skill with an end result that is quantifiable is what achievement statements are all about.

Writing an achievement statement will require you to first determine what you have done in the past that can be measured in a number or a percentage. For instance, you may have developed a software system which was highly successful in making the company’s work 50% more efficient.

To ensure that your accomplishments statements do not sound like you are narrating a job duty, make sure that a benefit is mentioned.

Some sample achievements and accomplishments that you can write on your software engineer resume include:

17 Sample Achievements and Accomplishments for Software Engineer Resume

  1. Improved the current ABC software, making it 50% more efficient than before
  2. Successfully modified numerous software applications that increased user-friendliness by 25%
  3. Introduced a solid database and GUI to identify user needs with 95% accuracy
  4. Identified areas for modification and changes, within a short span of time
  5. Led development of DotCode. Wrote 80% of the code, and reviewed the rest. Achieved excellent system stability.
  6. Refactored the software structure for an online chat service, reducing initial and running costs by 20% and 50% respectively
  7. Created an automated code pipeline, hence, increased allowance to move to a continuous delivery model
  8. Developed a business intelligence dashboard, as a result, gave the front desk real-time visibility into inventory and procurement
  9. Created a data analysis pipeline that increased program efficiency
  10. Developed and implemented novel software tools. Increased automation and efficiency levels by 35%
  11. Redesigned the company’s web-based application, providing information technology support throughout the tenure
  12. Awarded Employee of the Month 3 times in a row, owing to exceptional software designing and support to all departments
  13. Trained 50+ individuals in handling software development cycles, as part of their induction processes
  14. Suggested advancement of security and confidentiality of data, through the implementation of key processes and protocols
  15. Singlehandedly designed and developed a processing platform, which resulted in improved general performance
  16. Chosen as the only employee to represent the company at the Annual Software Engineers’ Forum, held in Jakarta, Indonesia
  17. Planned high-end software, thereby, improved the overall efficiency of company processes by 25%.

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