Animal Educator Job Description

Updated on: May 15, 2018

A deli supervisor is the end all and is all of a deli, where the need to handle a wide variety of oversight activities is at its peak.

The work of a person working at this position is tough in the sense that there is a lot that one needs to handle to ensure that the deli and its staff members are properly managed.

Most delis would want only a high school diploma or a GED equivalent to consider you an excellent candidate to hire. If you have had some experience in a food service capacity, you may have a higher chance of being considered as an eligible person to hire. Working as a deli supervisor does not only mean that you will be required to handle staff members.

There are many other aspects of working in this position that you need to look out for, including stock management, inventory oversight, and customer services.

Other skills that you will require while working in this position include excellent interpersonal and communication skills, along with a great ability to handle complaints and concerns brought up by customers. Moreover, you will need to monitor the inflow of food items, ensuring that they are appropriately rotated to maintain freshness, and make sure that food wastage is kept to a minimum.

If working as a deli supervisor is on the cards, go through the following list of duties to determine what the work is all about before you apply for a job in this capacity:

Animal Educator Duties & Responsibilities

• Interview, hire, and train deli workers according to pre-established training programs.

• Provide staff members with insight into how to handle the deli counter, and create salads and sandwiches according to recipes.

• Oversee the work of all deli workers to ensure the delivery of exceptional customer services at all times.

• Ascertain that all workers operating at the deli are following hygiene and sanitation practices.

• Minimize food wastage by creating, developing, and implementing core wastage prevention programs.

• Oversee the rotation of food items to ensure that customers receive only the best and highest quality of food products.

• Monitor food preparation activities to ensure that the workers are preparing food items according to safety and hygiene protocols and procedures.

• Oversee inventory of food items, and correlating supplies, ensuring that low stock situations are managed before they turn into a crisis.

• Create and maintain records of deli activities on a daily basis, including events such as out of stock situations.

• Address customers’ complaints and suggestions in a proactive manner, aimed at ensuring repeat business opportunities, and loyal customers.