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Updated on: July 6, 2019

Educational Assistant Cover Letter Page BannerA cover letter for an educational assistant position is your chance to make a strong impression on the prospective employer.

It provides you with the opportunity to represent your achievements, qualifications, and unique skills in a manner that would persuade the employer to call you for an interview.


Your educational assistant cover letter also highlights the essential elements of your resume and reflect your written communication skills.

In fact, it is an excellent chance to sell yourself as a valuable educational assistant.

See the sample below to get a better idea on how to write your cover letter for Educational Assistant Resume.



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Educational Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1



88 E Lincoln Circle
Phoenix, AZ 88776

July 6, 2019

Mr. Gary Shepherd
Hiring Manager
Arizona Public School
566 E Palmaire Drive
Phoenix, AZ 45333


Dear Mr. Shepherd:

I am writing in response to your recent advertisement for the position of Educational Assistant at the Arizona Public School. I am an excellent contender for this position because I possess the right skills and qualifications mentioned in your job description. The attached resume will provide you with more details on why I make this claim.

Becoming an educationist eventually is my lifelong dream, and I am doing all that I can to achieve it. Right after I graduated from high school, I started working as a Teaching Assistant for the same school and have gained considerable experience from thereon. My understanding of preparing the right education models in conjunction with promoting a respectful environment for teachers and students has earned me commendation several times.

Furthermore, I am an enthusiastic individual who is ready to take on challenges. For this reason, I have been successful in engaging students in conversation in order to help them draw out their ideas. Also, I have hands-on experience in assisting teachers with preparing exam sheets and helping mark exam papers.

I am sure that you will find my expertise to perform the duties of an Educational Assistant quite exceptional. I intend to call you in a few days to secure an interview time. In the meantime, I will be available on my cell phone at (000) 980 5249.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Isaac Elderd

Enc. Resume



Educational Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2



Lynette Porter
250 W. Main Street #132, Urbana, IL 46504
(999) 000-0000
porter @ email . com

July 6, 2019

Ms. Katherine Adams
Illinois Elementary School
1015 Maple Hill Rd
Bloomington, IL 21005


Dear Ms. Adams:

Your advertisement for the position of an Educational Assistant piqued my interest. I have always admired Illinois Elementary School due to its respect for diversity and would love to promote equity among your students. My previous experiences in teaching assistance have allowed me to work with students from different cultures and backgrounds, which, I believe, makes me well-qualified for this position.

As noted on the enclosed resume, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant with The Northwest School of Innovative Learning during which I came in direct interaction with children that were not only from diverse cultural backgrounds but also possessed linguistic diversity. It was an enthralling experience to learn to communicate with these children and to understand their needs.

Through my job, I gained technological knowledge to operate computer-assisted instructions for language, reading, and pronunciation activities. Due to my enriched experiences, I now possess excellent technical and communicative proficiency which, I confidently believe, deems me as an excellent candidate for this position.

My resume is enclosed for your perusal. I look forward to meeting with you soon, in which I hope to learn more about your school’s culture and how I might contribute to its success.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Lynette Porter

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