Academic Coach Resume Sample

Are you applying for an academic coach position for a while now but without any results? The usual reaction of candidates is to attribute the unsuccessful job hunt onto the aggressive competition in the job market. While this is a possibility another equally contributing factor that plays a crucial role in effectiveness of a job hunt is the quality of your resume.

An academic coach resume might apparently be just a piece of paper containing one’s professional information. In reality however it is not just that, it’s much more. This paper is your golden opportunity for self promotion, a chance to sell your candidacy and achieve your dream job.

It’s time to bring diversity to your resume now. There are certain resume specific clichés like the career objective and job description in form of duties that make your resume look old. It’s time to rid your resume off these antiquities and build a contemporary academic coach resume based on modern resume writing guidelines.


Academic Coach Resume Sample


Hannah Gilchrist

621 Avalon Sq • Sylva, NC 39290 • (008) 333- 2222 • hannah @ email . com


Dynamic and self motivated educational counselor with a proven record of academic coaching and learning support. Expert in short and long term goal setting to enhance learning experience after analyzing student data in detail and indentifying individualized obstacles in learning.


Academic MotivationStudent TutoringVocational Guidance
Advisory Relationship BuildingIndependent Skill DevelopmentNeeds Recognition
Goal Setting and MonitoringInstructional ManagementEscalated Behavior Reporting
Student Progress MonitoringStudent Behavioral CounselingEducational Support Planning


Academic Coach, 4/2011 to Present

• Develop intervention strategies to enhance student’s learning when needed
• Collaborate with students and parents to deal with obstacles in learning process
• Conduct daily and weekly advisory sessions for counseling and student progress monitoring

Key Accomplishments:
• Reduced dropout rate by 50% through effective student counseling and identification of high risk students
• Hosted 4 workshops on importance of college education and available education lease and scholarship programs for groups of final year high school students and considerably enhanced college admissions

Student Support Officer, 4/2006 to 3/2011

• Administered and scored interest inventories for career planning
• Assisted the teachers in adopting effective instructional strategies as per needs of students
• Conducted sessions with students to develop individualized learning plans

Key Accomplishments:
• Increased disabled student success rate by 70% during the first year of employment by actively facilitating students in countering the academic barriers being faced by them
• Earned the ‘most dedicate employee’ award in 2010

PGG COLLEGE, Sylva, NC, 2006
MS Education

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