Career Coach Resume Sample

Updated on: July 23, 2018

Career coaches work for colleges and universities, where their main job is to help students in deciding their career goals, and then assist them in obtaining employment.

Working as a career coach is a complicated business, as one needs to be insightful where assessing students and their career goals and requirements are concerned
When you write a Career Coach resume, your focus should be on how you have structured information in it. Looking for a well-written resume sample? Here is one!


Career Coach Resume Example



Jason Kennedy
905 Heaven Avenue, Richmond, VA73843
(000) 659-2510


Over six years of experience in providing students with direction and assistance at the end of their degrees. Well-versed in counseling to students with diverse talents, and goals. Competent in advocating for students in the career and technical majors, and contributing to efforts to promote their access to jobs.

• Successfully placed over 600 students in positions related to their degrees, and expertise.
• Suggested the implementation of mock interviews, increasing students’ employment chances by 65%.
• Implemented a professional support system, which proved to be highly successful in making students ready for job interviews.
• Introduced the concept of vocational assessment, making it easier to gauge each student’s specific talents.
• Provided students with individual assistance in defining their specific career options.


• Student Advocacy • Training Facilitation • Advice
• Skills Development • Job Search Procedures • Resources Development
• Career Fields Information • Visual Aids Development • Mock Interviews
• Professional Development • Vocational Assessments • Placement Assistance


Career Coach
Rock Valley College, Richmond, VA           2015-present
• Provide student advocacy, in a career coaching capacity, to a wide variety of students.
• Oversee the job search process for students, while maintaining placement statistics.
• Deliver lectures to groups of students, and pose as an in-house expert on job search matters.
• Assist students in creating resumes and cover letters, and handling negotiating activities at interviews.
• Provide tactical and emotional support to job seekers, throughout the process of job searching.
• Provide students with individual assistance in defining their specific career options.
• Develop and facilitate training and skills development workshops to assist students in applying for different jobs.
• Create and maintain records of all students requiring career coaching, in an accurate and confidential manner.

Career Counselor
Bay Edge College, Richmond, VA                   2012-2015
• Provided career counseling services to students in specifically outlines areas.
• Guided and informed students regarding career decision-making, and self-assessments.
• Researched and designed strategies for delivery of broad and complex career-focused programs.
• Initiated special programming, and projects, based on the dynamic needs of the student population.
• Conducted ongoing needs assessments to collect and report on the data related to service delivery, and outcomes.

Virginia State University, Richmond, VA
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Career Coach Qualifications

To work as a career coach, you have to possess a degree in higher education administrator or career counseling. Apart from formal education, it is imperative that you maintain the ability to reach out to students who come from different backgrounds and provide them with ways to handle their thought processes regarding future careers. As a career coach, you will need to be hands-on in ensuring that your students’ career goals are met – you will often have to help them in creating resumes and cover letters, and determining what other documents they will need to apply for jobs.

Working knowledge of information, learning, counseling, and coaching is a prerequisite for anyone working as a career coach. While working in this position, you will need to ensure that you maintain the confidentiality of each student, and make sure that you can handle the record keeping work that is part of this job. If this is the work that you want to do, you must go through the following list of duties particular to the position of a career coach:

Career Coach Job Description

• Oversee job search procedures for assigned students in an individualized capacity.
• Deliver lectures to groups of students, and act as an in-house expert in all job search matters.
• Provide tactical and emotional support to individual job seekers throughout the entirety of their search.
• Advocate for students in career and technical majors, and contribute to promoting their access and retention.
• Guide students in the development of resumes, cover letters, and other required documents.
• Develop and facilitate training and skill development workshops, such as resume preparation, job search strategies, and career information technology.
• Plan and implement career-related events, and information session within the school premises.
• Work with administrative teams to co-develop and update electronic and paper resources for career majors.
• Guide students through assessments and create individualized career plans, according to the specifics of each student’s goals.
• Perform activities to identify opportunities for employment and assist with application and interview processes.
• Create and maintain relationships with staffing agencies to aid in matching students with labor force requirements.
• Manage the students’ records, ensuring that they are handled confidentially and accurately.