UPS Driver Helper Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 19, 2017

Many of us concentrate on building up on our skills in a cover letter so much that we forget that there is an entire section dedicated to them in a resume. It is important to mention our skills in a cover letter, but it is equally important to fully concentrate on the skills section in a resume. This provides hiring managers with a good overview of what your capabilities at the workplace will be, and if you will be able to fit into their organization.

Skills are best defined in well-written statements. A few bullet points outlining how great you are at what you do should suffice. If they really are well-written, they will create a sense of curiosity in the hiring manager, who would want to know more about you, and will have no choice but to call you in for an interview.

Since the main aim of a resume and a cover letter is to reach the interview stage, this single section can do wonders for your chances. There is one thing that you need to keep an eye out for though – it is imperative that you do not “overkill” the skills section. Simply written, relevant skills statements will suffice. Those that are sketchy will definitely be rejected.

Here are some example statements for the position of a UPS driver helper:


Sample Skills for UPS Driver Helper Resume


• Highly skilled in assisting drivers in loading and unloading awaiting trucks, placing special focus on the safety of each package and parcel.

• Demonstrated ability to determine short and fast routes, by using standard maps and the GPS.

• Effectively able to assist drivers in navigating routes, by providing insight and knowledge of local areas and landmarks.

• Hands-on experience in delivering parcels and packages to the correct addresses, ensuring that receipt signatures are received and documented.

• Exceptional communication skills, aimed at creating and maintaining rapport with customers and dispatchers.

• Qualified to handle returns and exchanges, according to the specific policies of the company.

• Able to physically lift and carry large and heavy objects from one place to another, while ensuring their safety.

• Deep familiarity with performing pre and post-trip inspections on assigned trucks, aiming to ensure that all is in order before each trip.

• First-hand experience in ensuring the safety of all packages and parcels, by ensuring that they are properly stacked and belted in.

• Proven ability to assist delivery drivers in performing both preventative and regular maintenance on assigned trucks.