CDL Class A Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 12, 2016

Cover letters need to be impressive pieces of writing. However, it is not just what you write in them that have the capacity to impress a reader. It is also how cover letters are presented. Mostly, a cover letter will be sent electronically, where there is a huge chance for it to not impress the reader – simply because it is in an editable form. Instead of sending a cover letter as an MS Word document, consider converting into a PDF format. This way, you do not risk the text getting garbled when it reaches the employer’s desktop.

Let’s come back to the content of a cover letter. By now you are probably sick of hearing that a cover letter needs to be impressive. This is a given fact. But it needs to be reiterated because the importance of this fact is such that you cannot risk sending in a mediocre cover letter. Dressing your cover letter to impress is imperative. But remember that no amount of design and color in a cover letter can do what words can. Words are powerful, as they have the capability to convince the reader to call you in for an interview.

To get to the interview stage, here is a cover letter sample that will help you:


CDL Class A Truck Driver Cover Letter Sample


Ruddy Fields
652 6th Street
Paducah, KY 45541
(000) 854-7411
Ruddy @ email . com

September 12, 2016

Mr. John Deere
Hiring Manager
SHJ International
8700 Twinson Avenue
Paducah, KY 40025


Dear Mr. Deere:

With a track record of operating commercial trucks safely, within federal DOT guidelines, and subsequently minimizing accidents and traffic violations, I am applying for CDL Class A truck drivers at SHJ International.

As a competent commercial truck driver with over 12 years of work experience driving and maintaining Class A trucks over defined intercity routes, I have the following talents to offer to SHJ International:

• First-hand experience in performing pre and post-haul inspections to ensure vehicular safety and sturdiness.
• Qualified to load and unload shipments by utilizing equipment such as tractor trailers, ramps, lift gates, pallet jacks and load bars
• Able to utilize defensive driving techniques to ward off potential danger or threat of accidents.

Known for meticulousness in performing delivery services and a knack for meeting deadlines despite adverse situations such as traffic problems or weather limitations, SHJ International will definitely be benefited from my experience and skills as a CDL Class A truck driver. I am positive that it will be worthwhile for us to meet, and I will contact you soon to set a meeting time at your convenience. I appreciate the time that you have taken out to review my application.



Ruddy Fields

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