Transfer Driver Resume Sample

Updated May 5, 2017


There are only two ways to write a resume – the right way and the wrong way.

It stands to reason that candidates would want to pick up the former one but how does one know what to do to ensure that one’s resume is written the right way?

Well, you need to identify what format suits you and the employer best.

Here is a sample transfer driver resume that fits most situations:


Transfer Driver Resume Sample



Peter Parker

45 Hill Road | Scott, AR 95822 | (000) 847-2015 | peterparker @email . com


Performance Profile

Competent, qualified and experienced Transfer Driver with a solid track record of efficiently handling cargo and waste in terms of transferring it between locations. Highly skilled in loading and unloading hauls, placing special attention to specified protocols and safety procedures.

• Effective professional who operates mechanical freight handling equipment to transfer hauls from positions to trucks and trailers
• Hands-on experience in securing freight or dump blocks by performing strapping work
• Effectively able to chart out appropriate routes on maps and the GPS to ensure quick and fast routes to destinations
• Deeply familiar with performing regular and preventative maintenance on assigned trucks and trailers

Professional Skills

• Hauling Assistance • Goods Security • Safety Protocols
• Equipment Maintenance • Map Routing • Paperwork Handling
• Dispatcher Contact • Emergency Handling • Lane Positioning
• DOT Compliance • Violations Reporting • Haul Safety

Key Achievements

• Trained 6 other transfer drivers in mapping routes using the GPS technology, as part of their induction
• Successfully transferred 7 hauls of waste to predetermined locations, within one working day
• Introduced a set of safety protocols for transfer drivers to follow, resulting in increased security of drivers and transfer equipment
• Singlehandedly managed a road emergency involving an accident, saving 2 lives by immediately performing CPR

Professional Experience

Transfer Driver
Ark Disposal System, Scott, AR | 2008 – Present

• Take orders from supervisors regarding timelines and schedules for waste transfers
• Assist dock workers in loading waste blocks onto assigned trucks and ensure that they are properly secured
• Ascertain that all paperwork is properly arranged before each haul is taken away
• Chart routes on standard maps and on the GPS to ensure fast and easy routes to destinations
• Drive assigned trucks and trailers to destinations, ensuring both timelines and safety
• Assist dock workers in unloading hauls from the truck or trailers, and placing them in predetermined areas
• Ascertain that all paperwork is properly signed and submitted as instructed
• Drive assigned trucks and trailers back to the facility and ensure that it is parked in assigned spaces
• Perform minor repairs on assigned vehicles and ensure that preventative maintenance is performed on them on a regular basis

Dock Worker
U Haul, Scott, AR | 2001 – 2008

• Bound blocks of waste together, ensuring that no piece of trash escapes
• Assisted other dock workers in loading waste blocks onto awaiting trucks and trailers
• Ascertained that all blocks are properly placed and secured within the truck or trailer
• Assisted in unloading raw hauls from trucks, and ensuring that they were properly set in assigned places
• Made sure that all safety and security protocols were followed to ensure safety of workers


High School Diploma
Scott High School, Scott, AR | 2000