Tow Truck Driver Resume Sample

Updated on: August 27, 2018

Tow-truck drivers work with companies that provide services to tow abandoned, accidental or broken down cars.

They keep in touch with dispatchers, drive down to the place they have been directed to and hook up vehicles to be transported to the right place.

If you are looking for a resume sample for this position, have a look at the following one.

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Tow Truck Driver Resume Example


Archie Delbert

990 Payne Avenue, Galion, OH 66666
(020) 999-9999


• Over five years of experience driving heavy vehicles
• Hands on experience in driving and operating different types of service vehicles
• In-depth knowledge of using onboard computers, radio communications, and mapping systems
• Proven record of performing emergency road services including jump starts, fuel delivery and towing disabled vehicles

• Accomplished a huge feat by reaching a particularly volatile accident situation in the middle of nowhere and providing emergency towing services
• Conducted workshops on safe tow truck driving methods and use of equipment

AAA Services – Galion, OH
Tow Truck Driver | August 2007 – March 2013
• Answered distress calls for accidental and abandoned vehicles
• Inspected and maintained vehicle supplies and equipment
• Operated tow vehicles and computer-related equipment in order to reach service destination
• Reported any delays in reaching service destinations
• Performed maintenance on vehicles as instructed
• Towed vehicles to workshops and dumps or as instructed
• Completed paperwork in terms of call logs, battery invoices and cash receipts

High School Diploma
SOME SCHOOL, Galion, OH – 2008

Class B CDL with good driving record

• Excellent driving record
• Ability to drive a variety of towing vehicles
• Basic math skills
• Exceptional ability to communicate effectively
• Advanced automotive and computer knowledge