Route Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated May 13, 2019

Thinking of whether or not to include a cover letter in your route driver job application?

Well, the answer is a definite yes!


Cover letters form an integral part of all route driver’s resume or job applications these days.

It is basically a letter of introduction, serving the purpose of creating relevance among the candidate’s profile and the target job.

In addition to immaculate driving skills, a route driver cover letter must reflect a deep sense of responsibility and customer service abilities.

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Route Driver Cover Letter Sample


Gregory Smith
899 William’s Avenue, Palatine, IL 83442 
(000) 333-6666

May 13, 2019

Ms. Hannah Gilford
HR Manager
Car Quest
92 Eve Line Sq
Palatine, IL 83442


Dear Ms. Gilford:

Are you seeking a competent, dedicated and trustworthy route driver?

Does your firm need a seasoned driver with exceptional customer care skills?

Do you require a professional who values the importance of time?

If yes, then my enclosed resume will definitely interest you. My professional profile remarkably renders me an ideal candidate for the position.

Your Requirements


My Qualifications

● A valid driver’s license with a clean driving, medical and criminal record.   ✔ Possess a valid Standard operator’s driving license with a clean driving, criminal and medical record.
● Customer service oriented individual with clear communication skills.   ✔ A people’s oriented person by nature, with a track record of providing high-quality customer care and communicating customer complaints and issues immediately to the manager.
● Ability to maintain logs and fill delivery inventories.   ✔ Well practiced in maintaining the company merchandise delivery log registers and filling in all supply inventories timely.
● Knowhow of highway traffic regulations.   ✔ In-depth knowledge regarding DOT, highway traffic regulations applied to carriage and delivery of merchandise.
● Ability to load and unload vehicles carefully.   ✔ Skilled in packing goods safely, loading and unloading the same in a safe and secure manner using various equipment.
● Understanding of basic car mechanics.   ✔ Well practiced in precautionary maintenance of the vehicle’s engine.

Providing safe delivery of passengers and goods is my ultimate goal as a route driver.

Can we meet shortly to discuss this position in detail? I will call your office next week to schedule a mutually convenient interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Gregory Smith

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