Public Safety Dispatcher Cover Letter Sample

Updated October 31, 2020
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Public Safety Dispatchers hold a critical position as they are required to provide emergency dispatch services. They need to be careful listeners and possess the ability to work efficiently especially in the event of stress.

Here is a cover letter sample that will provide you with an excellent opportunity to include relevant information and skills which should be present in an attractive cover letter for Public Safety Dispatcher Resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Public Safety Dispatcher

7 Main Street
Gadsden, AL 77938

October 31, 2020

Ms. Reena Alston
Manager HR
911 Dispatch Office
90 Founders Cir
Gadsden, AL 82928

Re: Public Safety Dispatcher (Position ID 65666)

Dear Ms. Alston:

While looking at your website yesterday, I came across the open position for a Public Safety Dispatcher at the 911 Dispatch Office. Since I have had lots of knowledge and experience working in a similar capacity, I am confident that I possess the aptitude and the skills that are required to work in a fast-paced and stressful work environment.

My expertise in multitasking is what makes me very suitable for this position as I am adept at handling multiple telephone lines at the same time. My training has taught me how to determine priorities when making choices between emergent and non-emergent calls.

Since this job is mostly determining the nature of a call and providing immediate and appropriate dispatch service, I know just how to manage services in a time-efficient manner. Moreover, I have been trained in administering the non-service aspect of this position such as creating reports, and I can boast of excellent skills in report writing.

I will be moving to Gadsden at the end of this month and will appreciate an interview with you at that time. I will call you next week to follow-up. Alternately, I may be reached at (000) 714-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Yuri Fernandez

Enc. Resume