Executive Consultant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 2, 2017

Executive consultant cover letters tell your story like no other job application document can. Making your cover letter sizeable makes sense if your goal is to be the hiring manager’s favorite candidate.

In fact, cover letters for executive assistant position are written for one reason only and that is to communicate how much you can contribute to an organization. There is no other way for you to communicate your skills if you don’t use the cover letter.

There are several ways of adding muscle to your cover letter with skills language.

Telling the hiring authority that you are a great contender for a job that he has posted works well when you use the right type of language. The whole point of writing a cover letter is to highlight skills and abilities that people will pay you to use. This translates into a wonderful employment insurance policy and a giant umbrella to keep you from getting soaked when economic thunderstorms threaten to send rain.

A cover letter sample is provided below for your reference:


Executive Consultant Cover Letter Sample


654 Dalhousie Cr
Bonanza, OR 85477

June 2, 2017

Mr. Frank Henderson
Hiring Manager
Hill International Inc.
302 Cena Street
Bonanza, OR 97585


Dear Mr. Henderson:

As a dedicated executive consultant, I have much to offer to Hill International Inc in terms of ability to serve as a thought partner in strategy development work, and structuring identified and unidentified issues for resolution, researching and summarizing information, and working with key stakeholders to provide support to the management in making sound and timely decisions. If you are in the market to hire an individual who possess demonstrated ability to determine key business issues, and can effectively develop appropriate action plans from multidisciplinary perspectives, you need not look any further!

I have been considered a prime credit to my existing place of work (Anthem Inc.) for my ability to lead professionals and manage teams through both influence and collaboration. Being proficient in team building, conflict resolution and group interaction, I am usually the first choice to engage when business process improvement is the goal. With deep insight into conducting and interpreting both qualitative and quantitative analysis, I will be a direct and immediate asset to your organization as well. Also offering efficiency, collaboration, candor, openness and results-orientation, hiring me means that your job will get done well in time and to specifications!

Hoping to highlight my skills further, I would like to meet with you soon. If you need to contact me before I have the opportunity to get in touch with you, please call at (000) 444-5745.




Sandy Hook

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