Industrial Designer Resume Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2018

The main idea behind writing a resume is to make sure that a considerable amount of information is communicated to a hiring manager on a single page document.

And the sample below will guide you how you can make this happen:





Industrial Designer Resume Example



Susan Adams

173 Green Avenue, Park City, NJ 58004
(000) 999-3423 | [Email]


Highly competent and resourceful individual, with exceptional comprehension of developing and delivering high-performance designs for products, by combining art, business, and engineering. Exceptionally focused on creating style and function of products.
• Demonstrated ability to consult with clients, to determine their design requirements.
• Effectively able to research target users and the various ways in which a product may be used.
• Proven ability to use a wide variety of computer software to develop virtual models of diverse designs.
• Track record of efficiently and accurately examining materials and production costs, to determine manufacturing requirements.


Idea Development Form Designing Design Ideas Evaluation
Client Liaison Simulations Building Tools Use
Illustrations Blueprints Comprehension Design Trends Research
Testing Safety Testing Marketing Support

• Developed a novel design for a piece of hardware, considered 100% more usable than the one it replaced.
• Augmented the design research process, by introducing a dynamic research process.
• Trained 15 other industrial designers in testing products, as part of their training process.
• Increased the safety of a product by 55%, by incorporating an element in it, which was forgotten at the time of the original design.


Industrial Designer
Apex Tool Group, Park City, NJ | 2013 – Present
• Confer with clients to determine their specific product design requirements and budgets.
• Create and present industrial product designs to clients, to make them aware of the possible end product.
• Draft sketches, aimed at seeing what enhancements can be made to the original product.
• Use blueprints and drawings to demonstrate the potential of each product, and perform fabrication activities.
• Research design trends, and ensure that products are enhanced to minimize their limitations.
• Ascertain that the safety of each product is kept in mind throughout the designing process.
• Create, develop, and implement research on appearance, safety, and function of the developed product.
• Work on package designs, and oversee the development process to ensure that all is being managed according to protocol.

Industrial Design Assistant
Energizer, Park City, NJ | 2007 – 2013
• Assisted designers in determining clients’ requirements, by engaging them in conversation.
• Provided brainstorming support, and created product design models.
• Created and developed designs, by sketching or using the computer-aided software.
• Provided support and assistance during product testing phases.
• Determined the practicality of each design, by gauging product functionality and safety.

New Jersey State University, Park City, NY – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Design