Industrial Designer Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 27, 2018

There is a severe need for most job applicants to review their resumes, and many of them will see that something is missing, i.e., the skills section.

It is one of the most overlooked of sections, as candidates often believe that it is not essential to put in. That is not right.

Your skills are fundamental to your selection for a position, which is why it is crucial that you possess the right set, for a particular job.

Once you have determined what skills are needed for a particular job, it is essential to put them in proper statements so that hiring managers can decipher your abilities. But this is not an easy thing to do.

When you write a resume, your concentration is mostly on what your experience has been. While this is important too, it is as important to create a skills section, which successful highlights you as a good candidate for a job.

Playing with words, and making sure that the amount and type of information that you provide are not over the top is imperative. What else is important is that you keep the relevance of what you offer in your head, before you begin writing your skills statements.

Some skills statements for the position of an industrial designer are provided below for your reference:

Sample Skills for Industrial Designer Resume

• Highly skilled in drafting sketches and illustrations of potential products, and enhancing existing product designs.

• Demonstrated expertise in creating and maintaining effective relationships with clients to determine their specific product design requirements.

• Effectively able to use blueprints and detailed designs to demonstrate designed product potential.

• Skilled in using technology such as computer-aided design software to create product designs, according to specifications.

• Familiar with revising product models according to the specific requirements of clients.

• Proven ability to research design trends, and product limitations, and create product designs accordingly.

• Adept at working with different professionals such as engineers, marketers, production personnel, and sales departments to establish design concepts.

• Proficient in testing designs to ensure that they are correctly functional and safe to use.

• Track record of efficiently researching cost of producing designs, including material and labor costs.

• Competent in developing and implementing manufacturing protocols according to established guidelines.

• Focused on ensuring that the quality of the end product is in sync with the demands of the client.

• Documented success in providing clients with demonstrations and presentations, to help them decide between a variety of design samples.