Food Service Resume Profile

Updated on: June 17, 2018

A profile or summary for a food service resume is a short paragraph that marks the beginning of your resume. This part of the resume needs to hold information about a candidate’s skills, expertise, and abilities, in the areas that a prospective employer has identified.

Profiles have limited space in them, so they need to be handled with care – too much information, or too little, can kill your chances to impress a hiring manager.

Writing a resume profile is not difficult if you are aware of what needs to go into it. Let us tell you – a resume profile is a sugar and spice, and all things nice about you as a candidate.

You have to highlight your best points so that you can effectively impress the hiring manager, and help them make a favorable decision, which is to hire you. One thing that you need to be very careful about is that resume summaries need to be spot on, precise, and informative.

And they have to be in sync with what you have written in the rest of the resume. This match is what will lead to success in acquiring an interview spot.

Want to see what a resume profile looks like? Here are a few examples:

Food Service Resume Profile Statements

• A highly skilled food service worker with six years of experience in assisting cooks in preparing meals, and plating food items. Exceptionally well-versed in preparing simple meals, including, soups, salads, and sandwiches, keeping set recipes in mind.

• Uniquely qualified Food Service Worker with 7+ years of experience working in diverse food service capacities. Demonstrated expertise in setting up food service, kitchen, and salad areas, and providing assistance in garnishing, and portioning meals.

• Resourceful and service-oriented individual, with extensive experience of working in a food service capacity. Deeply familiar with following prescribed procedures in setting up hot and cold food lines, choosing appropriate utensils, and setting steam lines to proper temperatures.

• Exceptionally talented and skilled food service worker boasting of 4 years in the industry. Proven ability to assist in the preparation of menu items, according to specified recipes, along with an excellent capability to replenish food items, handle food rotation activities, and oversee inventory management work.

• Top-performing food service worker with extensive comprehension of performing a wide range of activities associated with preparing and serving food and beverage items. Solid track record of effectively monitoring, reducing, and managing food waste.

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