Entry Level Interior Designer Resume No Experience

Updated on: June 29, 2023

The jitters never ease whether it is the first resume that you are writing for the interior designer position.

The only difference is that when you write your first resume, you are a little unsure of what to put in.

There is a lot of stuff that you can write in an interior designer’s resume even if you have little or no experience in hand.

Think of the resume as a document that communicates your abilities and qualifications to a prospective employer.

Experience is important but employers are usually more interested in knowing what you can do rather than what you have done.

Here is a resume sample for an entry-level job seeker who wants to work as an interior designer:

Entry Level Interior Designer Resume No Experience Page Image

Entry Level Interior Designer Resume No Experience

Justin Tucker
5178 5th Avenue, Wayland, NY 00650
(000) 142-7414
justtuck @email .com


A creative and versatile individual with a deep understanding of planning and organizing the design of commercial and domestic interiors seeking a position at ABC Company. Eager to use skills in developing initial ideas for design and acquiring key information from clients to determine their specific requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design
New York State University, Wayland, NY – 2021
• Space Planning
• Design Fundamentals
• Observational Drawing
• Perspective Drawing
• Architectural Drafting
• Sketching and Ideation
• Presentation Techniques
• Digital Modeling

• Proven ability to develop design concepts by consulting with clients and establishing final briefs.
• Highly skilled in determining materials and costs required for each design project module, in accordance with the client’s budget.
• Proficient in conducting feasibility studies for each project to determine its viability.
• Ability to produce mood boards and samples to present to clients with a view to helping them decide on designs and themes.


Interior Designing Intern
Cannon Design, Wayland, NY
1/2023 – 6/2023
• Conferred with clients to determine their specific needs for designing the interiors of commercial and residential buildings.
• Laid out plans to meet clients’ specifications and created feasibility studies.
• Determined space utilization for each project and create quotes of materials and supplies to be used.
• Sketched preliminary designs for each project module, in accordance with the specific requirements of each client.
• Placed orders for materials and ensured that design elements were properly installed.

• Scheduling
• Design Briefs
• Cost Management
• Budget Handling
• Space Planning
• Material Selection