Assistant Designer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 31, 2018

People working at creative positions must have resumes that show creativity. For instance, assistant designers who aspire to be designers one day need to make sure that they put forward their best skills when applying for a position in this regard.

Assistant Designer Job Description

Assistant designers work in a support role where they are required to help designers with their workload. They may work in any environment including fashion, graphics, and interior depending on their interest.

They research market trends and materials to ensure that the right type of concept is created for the right target market. They are also actively involved in product development from the very beginning to the end.

If you have a degree in any design media and are looking for a job as an assistant designer, the following cover letter sample will help you. You can change information regarding the type of designing job you are looking for, and you will have a well written and ready to submit cover letter!


Assistant Designer Cover Letter Example


Joan Fletcher
55 Woolley Avenue
Staten Island, NY 66736
(000) 888 – 8888

March 31, 2018

Mr. Peter Pan
Manager Human Resources
44 Collins Road
Staten Island, NY 63899


Dear Mr. Pan:

Anything which is aesthetically pleasing piques my interest immediately; my train of thought takes me into wondering how it was made and what pains were taken to make it look so attractive. It is due to this interest that I pursued the education in fashion design as this genre of design is the most attractive to me. Now that I have obtained my degree in fashion design, I am ready to utilize my expertise while working for PVH as an assistant designer.

During my education, I was taught the many aspects of design including developing graphics, CAD flats, and stripe patterns. My sketching skills have been praised many times by my instructors, and I can write design recaps at every step of the design process to facilitate the procedure. I believe that a major part of a design process is completed once market and trend research has been managed.

Equally important is checking a prefinished product for discrepancies; “hand feels” is something I was taught extensively and I intend to take full advantage of this! Working alongside an expert designer will provide me with more insight into this work, which in turn will prove instrumental in my contribution to your company.

Keeping this in mind, I offer my resume (enclosed) for your review. If you need samples of my work that I did as a freelance designer, please feel free to call me at (000) 888 – 8888. To set up a meeting, I will call your office after one week.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Joan Fletcher

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