How to List Data Entry Skills on Resume?

Updated March 22, 2021
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Whether we recognize it or not, creating an effective resume for a data entry job is one of the most challenging things to do in the job application process.

What even is more difficult is selling your skills and talents to a prospective employer.

The decision to hire you will depend on a lot of things, such as your accomplishments, experience, and skills.

While the first two are more defined and can thus be written with somewhat ease, highlighting your skills may not be that easy to do.

Since data entry skills are intangible, they need to be listed with care. Actually, in some instances, you can get away with writing your skills in a predefined manner.

But for jobs like data entry operator or specialist, you may be at bay about what to write in the skills section of your resume.

Let us first comprehend what data entry comprises – punching data into a company database is what data entry is all about.

But it isn’t that simple. Punching information is not the only thing one does; one has to do the “punching” keeping data integrity in mind.

Since many data entry operators work in the healthcare industry and work with complex medical information, it is imperative to be correct.


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The following are some examples of data entry skills that will tell you how you can list them on your resume.

Sample Skills for Data Entry Resume

• Exceptional data entry skills with a particular focus on data integrity and speed

• Excellent knowledge of popular data entry software

• Technology savvy with seven years of experience in using scanning and printing equipment

• Demonstrated ability to type 65 words per minute with an accuracy

• Complete understanding of the Data Protection Act

• A long-term interest in producing high-quality data under the company’s specific protocols

• Track record of working within tight deadlines

• Adept at gathering and preparing statistical data for data entry purposes

• Able to provide support to data entry efforts using reports, datasheets, and other written materials

• Knowledge of using Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Documentum

• Well-versed in analyzing data entry problems and finding appropriate solutions

• Strong background in handling data retrieval searches and pulling correct data from the system

• Skilled at managing data in a manner conducive to deriving necessary information and providing data support

• Proven ability to prioritize multiple data entry tasks to meet the company’s goals

• Substantial knowledge of computing, compiling, tabulating, and charting information

• Familiar with editing and translating data based on individual instruction sets provided


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