Customer Service Rep Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 30, 2018

Customer service representatives work in almost all industries around the world. Wherever there are customers, there are customer service reps.

Their duties include providing the first point of contact with customers and to ensure that they are looked after as far as a product or a service goes.

Employers look for friendly and courteous people to fill this position because these professionals portray the image of their companies.

If you are looking for a job in this capacity, you might consider going through the following list of interview questions and answers before appearing for your interview to be ready for any question shot your way!


Customer Service Rep Interview Questions and Answers

What qualifies you for this position?
My verbal and written communication skills along with my friendly nature, and inborn ability to convince others are my key assets. I also possess excellent telephone etiquette and a customer service-oriented mindset.

Do you have any sales experience?
My job at my previous place of work was to up-sell the company’s products, and I am proud to say that I managed my targets by a 100%!

What do you think is a typical day in a customer service rep’s life?
Answering phone calls, resolving customer’s complaints, dealing with mismanaged payments, providing customers with relevant information and assisting them in decision making.

How do you manage an angry customer?
I have had plenty of instances to handle irate customers effectively. The tact is – never lose your temper and listen to them patiently. Once you know what is wrong, you can make amends for it and help them out appropriately.

Why should we hire you?
The amalgamation of my customer service skills along with sales acumen makes me an excellent contender.

If a customer gets irritated and points out that your service is too slow, what do you do?
I will genuinely apologize and show a friendly attitude. Afterward, I will elaborate the steps involved in the service to explain delay reason positively.

Give an example where a customer walked in angry and returned home happy?
While I was working at Fargo Wells, a customer became very angry since his credit card was not working. It was a data delay problem in the system, and the customer’s frustration was genuine. I apologized for the embarrassment caused due to credit card malfunctioning and offered them a seat and a drink while I worked on the complaint as quickly as possible. I kept up a light conversation with the customer, and by the time he left, he was happy and satisfied with the service.

How do you rate your communication skills?
My communication skills are ten out of ten! I have always been able to interact with other people to quickly deliver my point while understanding their needs.

What is your style of interaction with people?
I am a friendly and sociable person, and I believe listening to others is equally important as speaking to them is. Whenever I interact, I ensure that the communication is two way and the interaction involves respect for the other person.

Do you have any experience with customer billing and accounts system?
Yes, I am familiar with electronic and manual billing systems and customer account software.

Tell me five qualities that an excellent customer service representative must possess?
Empathy, respect, communication, convincing power and cultural sensitivity.

What do you know about our services?
I know that you provide financial services, consumer credit cards, home lending and dealer services which happen to be the best in town.

Are you computer literate?
Yes, I am well versed in MS office suite, internet, outlook, social media, maintaining and accessing customer database operations and tracking customer requests to trace service/complaint status on the electronic system.

What modes of customer communication are you familiar with or experienced in?
I have served as customer services representative in person to walk in customers, on the phone, through email, on social media platforms, and on live chat software.

Have you ever sold anything on the phone?
Of course! My previous employers have highly commended me for my telephonic sales skills. While at the Zeus Corporation, I developed a reference list of prospective potential clients and sold the newly launched package on the phone by making calls and explaining the product details demonstrating excellent work ethic and remarkable persuasive skills and exceeding the sales target.