Customer Service Supervisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: January 13, 2022
Position Overview

A customer service supervisor is hired to handle and oversee the work of an assigned team of customer service representatives or agents.

An individual working at this position is entrusted with a lot of complex work, and is responsible for the outcome of his or her team’s efforts, in the form of increased sales and return business.

Position Requirements

Working as a customer service supervisor means that you have to possess a degree in business or a related field. Some companies may hire you even if you do not have formal education but are highly experienced in this discipline.

There are a few things that you need to possess if this is the work that you want to do, including excellent communication skills, deep knowledge of customer service metrics, the ability to strategize customer service provision exercises, and expertise in handling complaints.

Since you will be working in a supervisory role, it is important for you to keep a balance between your good cop and bad cop personality.

Understanding just when to motivate in a positive manner, and when to use reverse psychology to get your team to work properly is imperative.

As a customer service supervisor, there will be a lot on your shoulders, and you will have to come out shining every time. Here is a list of duties that you may be expected to perform in this role:

Job Description for Customer Service Supervisor Resume

• Create, develop and implement strategies for ensuring customer satisfaction on all sales transactions.
• Manage metrics, performance criteria, and procedures to improve productivity.
• Oversee and monitor customer service representatives to ensure that they provide high-quality services.
• Monitor team results to identify and act on both positive and negative performance.
• Prepare schedules, and determine work schedules, aiming to expedite workflow.
• Hire, train and mentor customer service representatives and other team members to ensure that they deliver the highest quality of services.
• Intervene in potentially explosive situations between customers and representatives, aiming to resolve issues.
• Implement strategies to retain business from existing customers, during incidents pertaining to high-quality services from the competition.
• Assess individual and team performance on a regular basis, and provide timely feedback regarding development and training needs.
• Identify trends, and provide team members with ongoing training to ensure that they work well.
• Establish and maintain a high-performance culture within the team of customer service representatives.
• Ensure that services provided to customers are of consistently high quality, through excellent training and development.