Fast Food Crew Member Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 10, 2019
Position Overview

Flipping burgers and making pizzas is not all that fast food crew members do.

Their work is extremely intricate where they have to make sure that customers are satisfied, orders are taken, cash transactions are processed, and food is prepared – all at the same time.


Many people have launched their professional lives by starting as crew members in fast-food restaurants, and they develop great skills in this work.

Fast food crew members work in different types of restaurants – large chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King are primary employers of crew members, but many also work in other smaller fast-food entities.

No matter where they work, their work remains more or less the same.

Fast food crew members take orders, punch them in POS systems, process transactions, and assist in preparing and packaging food items.


Skills and Abilities

To qualify as a fast food crew member, a job seeker should be energetic, possess knowledge of the foodservice industry and have exceptional customer service skills.

It is important for them to be knowledgeable about food safety and hygiene policies and be able to handle customers’ complaints appropriately.

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Some other duties of a fast food crew member include:


Fast Food Crew Member Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they approach the counter and present them with menus.

• Provide them with information regarding the day’s deals and discount options.

• Assist customers in making decisions by providing them with combination options.

• Take orders and punch them into the POS system.

• Provide customers with information on how much is to be paid.

• Take cash and credit or debit cards against orders and tender change/process cards.

• Inform customers about the amount of time it will take for their order to be prepared.

• Relay food orders to the back end and follow up on it.

• Assist food preparers in preparing and packing orders and ensure that condiments and paper napkins are included.

• Fill drinks from fountains and ask customers about their preferences for ice.

• Hand customers their orders and thank them for their business.

• Ensure that counters are kept clean and sanitized at all times.

• Tally cash register at the end of each shift and report any discrepancies immediately.

• Liaise with vendors and suppliers to ensure that adequate stock of supplies is maintained.

• Prepare and serve food items to dine-in customers.