Park Ranger Cover Letter Sample

Updated on May 10, 2018

The Park Ranger cover letter that you launch to a potential employer is the foreword to the primary document you want him to see, i.e., your job application or resume.

If your cover letter doesn’t persuade the reader, he might never look at your enclosed resume.

In fact, Park Ranger Cover Letters go a long way to smooth out job application processes as they provide the first point of contact with an employer and help in establishing a first impression. It should tackle any information particularly requested in the job posting and convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

The following covering letter for Park Ranger Resume is designed to assist you in your job application process.


Park Ranger Cover Letter Sample


622 Nouakchott Place
Washington, DC 22212

May 10, 2018

Mr. Ernst Hemingway
Senior Director
Oregon Recreational Park
2333 Sydney Place
Washington, DC 87665


Dear Mr. Hemingway:

Being in love with nature and all that it stands for is the prime reason I want to apply for the position of a Park Ranger at the Oregon Recreational Park. My extensive experience in nature conservation and managing nature recreational parks will prove me the most important asset to Oregon Recreational Park. I am quite well versed in all aspects governing a recreational park.

My volunteer work for WWF and Greenpeace combined with my extensive knowledge that I have acquired while working for XYZ Nature Park, I believe that I can perform the advertised job efficiently. My experience includes but is not limited to; protecting, maintaining and repairing parklands and natural resources, performing relevant janitorial functions and irrigational activities and gardening. Additionally, I am proficient in using and maintaining related equipment and setting up educational programs for visitors on a regular basis.

My enclosed resume will further highlight my skills and experience in working for nature parks. I believe I have a lot to contribute to this cause and would like to meet you to discuss this position further. I will call you to follow-up after five days. Also, I can be reached at 444-666-9999 if you need any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert Redford

Enc. Resume

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