IKEA Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 9, 2017

Cover letters are simple storytellers – they tell stories about your past professional life and they also say a lot about what you can do in the future.

As insight goes, cover letters are great avenues to provide serious hiring managers with information of your abilities and accomplishments.

In fact, this may be your only chance to do so, as there is no place for them in your resume, unless you are satisfied with simply listing them.

A cover letter sample is given below for you to go through and emulate:


IKEA Cover Letter Sample


June 9, 2017

Mr. Solomon Page
Hiring Manager
2552 Main Street
Hobgood, NC 00121


Dear Mr. Page:

I have recently moved from Henderson to Hobgood, where I was working for the local IKEA store as a sales coworker. Comprehending the fact that IKEA Hobgood is also looking to hire a person in this capacity, I present my resume for your consideration and review.

Working in IKEA for 5 years has taught me a lot about sales maximization and profitability – two areas that I diligently work towards. My comprehension of IKEA’s product ranges is immense and I can relate this with local market conditions and customers’ needs in a profound manner. Knowing that no other position in the company is more hands-on in terms of customer contact than that of a sales coworker, I take my responsibilities quite seriously, aiming to please the customers at all times. Apart from solid customer contact, I am exceptionally talented in overseeing a fully stoked and priced area of assignment, and ensuring that all products under my eye are in perfect conditions.

Engaging customers in conversation to determine their home furnishing needs is something that I am quite proficient at. Furthermore, I have a great capability to match customers’ needs with what IKEA has to offer, resulting in active sales on quite a large scale. I am positive that a meeting between us will give you a fair idea of what my capabilities are, and how you can channelize them. I will be in touch with your office to arrange an interview time. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 888-8888.




Justin Holmes

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