Goldman Sachs is one of the leaders in providing institutional financial services. Founded in 1869, the organization now hosts hundreds of employees and many offices in the United States.

People work in all capacities in this company and since this is a financial facility, every worker needs to possess some information of how things work.

Here is a cover letter of an administrative assistant wanting to work for Goldman Sachs.




89 Cooke Street
Duluth, MN 77837

July 28, 2014

Mr. Clark Gabel
Manager Human Resources
Goldman Sachs
72 Eldridge Avenue
Duluth, MN 77635


Dear Mr. Gable:

I heard about the success of Goldman Sachs in the financial industry and have been intrigued by the company immensely. Ever since I acquired my bachelor’s degree, I have been looking out for an advertisement stating a vacancy in the company and to my immense joy I came across one two days ago. I would like to offer my services for the position of an administrative assistant at your company.

Working as an administration personnel in a somewhat different capacity, I have had the opportunity to acquire skills that are relevant to assisting a large team in a fast paced environment. My ability to communicate directly with high net-worth clients and maintaining prudent databases has been commended many times by my seniors. Since I have some financial academic background, I am comfortable in communicating intelligently with clients which I know to be a prerequisite for this position.

I am confident that Goldsman Sachs will derive quite a lot of benefits from my skills and capabilities. Please refer to my resume which holds complete information regarding my qualifications and experience in this field. If you need any further information from me, I will be available at (800) 118-8888. I look forward to meeting you soon in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kind regards,

John Jovi

Enc. Resume