Child Advocate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 18, 2017

Telling a hiring manager why you admire him or his company is a new way of starting a cover letter. And this way is actually quite effective. Writing a cover letter is no biggie once the first sentence is properly constructed. This sort of gives the cover letter a direction, making it easy for you to write everything else. By praising the company at the beginning of your cover letter, you are not only making a prospective employer beam with pride but also encouraging him to keep reading what you have written! Completely foolproof!

Cover letters are not written in a few minutes. There is a lot of careful thought that goes into cover letter writing. When you are thinking of writing a cover letter, the first thing that you should consider is the amount of information that you can put into it. Once you have that sorted out, your cover letter is more or less written.

Here is a sample cover letter for child advocate resume to help you:


Child Advocate Cover Letter Sample


25 Richmond Street South
Beatrice, NE 25100

April 14, 2017

Mr. Cyril Pitt
Human Resource Manager
Beatrice Support Services
21 Utah Lane
Beatrice, NE 55558


Dear Mr. Pitt:

I have been in awe of Beatrice Support Services ever since the facility took over and shone in the Mary Kelly case last year. Since then, I have been actively looking for an opportunity to provide my services as a child advocate to the organization, only now actually obtaining the chance. Please refer to the enclosed resume for an overview of my capabilities and experience in this role.

With deep insight into investigating each assigned case thoroughly and reporting findings to clients in an eloquent manner, I am sure that my addition to your team of professionals will be great for your organization. Providing counseling to children, and positively representing them in court is my niche – and I have been deemed highly successful in all the advocacy and representation cases that have been assigned to me till date. Owing to a positive image in the support services network, I can easily and quickly arrange required services such as child care, prenatal care, job trainings, parenting classes, food assistance and treatment for substance abuse.

I will be touch base with you in a week’s time, to allow you to go through my portfolio in a detailed manner. Until then, I am available at (000) 298-2510 if you need any questions answered regarding my suitability to work as a child advocate at your organization.




Damien Lodge

Attachment: Resume