Boat Captain Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 2, 2023

Good cover letters for boat captain resumes are not everyone’s ballgame. It is tough to organize your thoughts about why you are applying and what makes you a good fit for the company. Tough but not wholly impossible.

After all, thousands of people write cover letters on a daily basis around the world and so many of them are actually successful at gaining the job that they want. This tells us that the success rate is definitely not low!

Before you begin writing your cover letter:

• Understand your purpose
• Create a Venn diagram of ideal skills and qualifications
• Research the position and the company

During the writing process:

• Be specific and show initiative
• Use keywords when referencing your qualifications and experiences
• Avoid overselling yourself
• Address the company’s values specifically
• Be original and avoid using general phrases

Sample Cover Letter for Boat Captain Position

Alec Garcia
336 Victoria Street
Lees Summit, MO 10210
(000) 652-5252
Alec.gracia @ email . com

March 2, 2023

Ms. Madison Moore
Hiring Manager
Treasure Island Tours
912 SE 7th Street
Lees Summit, MO 15362

Dear Ms. Moore:

I am responding to an opening advertised for a Boat Captain at Treasure Island Tours. My maritime skills coupled with my honed interest in working on the sea and recent training, make me a strong candidate for a boat captain position at Treasure Island tours.

In a bid to acquaint you with my qualifications, I request you to look through the following list:

  • Well-versed in using navigational aids to determine the boat’s speed and location
  • Proficient in directing the piloting of boats toward pre-plotted destinations
  • Adept at strictly following all maritime protocols and safety regulations and ensuring that crew members do the same
  • Hands-on experience in supervising the maintenance and operations of boat engines to ensure a safe passage

As a resume is limited in the information that it conveys, why don’t we meet in person? If you require additional facts before arranging the interview, please call me at (000) 652-5252.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Alec Garcia