Boat Builder Resume Sample

Updated on: March 20, 2022

You may feel that you have to write a resume differently depending on the position that you are applying for.

Actually, the position does not matter. If you have to write a resume, it has to be done according to specific rules, no matter what part of the organizational hierarchy you want yourself to be adjusted in.

A standard resume sample for boat builder position is given below for your reference:

Boat Builder Resume Example

David Nullings
22 Paige Drive 
Cranston, RI 46301 
(000) 655-8547 


Physically dexterous and hardworking Boat Builder with extensive comprehension of constructing, fitting out, and repairing marine vessels. A progressive and organized person with exceptional skills in using trade-specific tools and equipment to ensure timely and accurate building activities.

Special talent for:
• Cutting and forming parts such as keel, ribs, and sidings using woodworking hand and power tools.
• Constructing and shaping wooden frames and structures according to provided blueprint specifications.
• Ensuring that finishing activities are properly carried out.
• Establishing dimensional reference points on layouts and hulls to make templates of parts.


✓ Sketch Preparation
✓ Slipways Creation
✓ Composite Construction
✓ Fiberglass Construction
✓ Wood Reinforcing
✓ Damage Prevention
✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Computer-Aided Design
✓ Engine Fitting
✓ Interior Building
✓ Safe Working Practices


Award-Winning: Successfully created a fleet of small floating vessels, thereby achieving an award for the Most Diligently Produced fleet.

Damage Control: Initiated and implemented a series of damage control procedures (during the building of marine vessels) which decreased instances of wear and tear by 67%.

Quality Maintenance: All vessels created between the years 2013 and 2016 received Mettle, the highest quality assurance stamp possible for marine vessels.

Cost Reduction: Introduced a new wood vendor to the company, who charged 85% less for materials and shipment than the previous one.


Boat Builder
Scarano Boat Building, Cranston, RI
2016 – Present
• Study blueprints and specifications for each boat building project and inquire about details from clients.
• Decipher which materials, equipment and tools will be required to build specific boats and provide a cost estimate to clients.
• Obtain approvals from clients and make arrangements for materials and supplies to be delivered.
• Cut and form parts, support structures, and blocks by using appropriate tools and equipment.
• Attach metal parts by using braces and wrenches and smooth and finish boat surfaces.
• Assemble and install hull timbers by following set instructions in the blueprints, and by using provided adhesives.
• Build vessel interiors by taking specific orders from interior designers and giving feedback to them regarding limitations.
• Repair vessels according to particular requirements and perform both regular and preventative maintenance on them.

Ideal Marine Vehicles, Cranston, RI
2007 – 2016
• Gathered/arranged for materials, supplies, tools, and equipment needed for each boat building project.
• Cleared work areas of debris and other hazardous materials to make it possible for boat builders to work efficiently.
• Assisted in attaching parts such as fittings, plates, and bulkheads by holding them in place while the builder worked.
• Provided support for smoothing and finishing boat surfaces using power sanders and broadax.
• Assisted in examining boats for the need for repair and maintenance and ensuring that these requirements were met.


Grocery Clerk
City Supermarket, Cranston, RI  | 2003 – 2007

High School Diploma | 2002
Cranston High School, Cranston, RI