Substance Abuse Counselor Resume Sample

Updated June 1, 2018

How do you ensure that your resume is the best one that a hiring manager has seen?

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Substance Abuse Counselor Resume Example



Jake Well
6 Treet Road, Sparks, NV 77349
(000) 999-999


Exceptionally experienced substance abuse counselor, with over 7 years of exposure in assessing and treating patients, according to their specific situations. Proficient in performing post-treatment evaluations, to determine requirements for further intervention. Ability to evaluate clients’ conditions, to determine their motivations for substance abuse.


• Program Coordination • Client Evaluation • Referral Associations
• Plan Development • Efficacy Checking • Additional Interventions
• Clinical Documentation • Emergency Response • Problem Identification
• Treatment Phases • Counseling • Crises Handling

• Successfully rehabilitated 350 clients, who were victims of substance abuse, between the years 2013 and 2018.
• Implemented a series of treatment programs, aimed at helping children overcome their substance abuse problems.
• Introduced a safe way of maintaining clinical documentation, considered 50% more confidential than it was before.
• Singlehandedly planned interventions for over 50 crises cases, within the time span of 1 year.


Substance Abuse Counselor
Pinnacle Treatment Center, Sparks, NV                    2012-present
• Look through client histories and medical charts to determine past substance abuse problems and interventions.
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific problems, and treatment requirements.
• Create, develop, and implement effective plans and programs of treatment, based on the specifics of each case.
• Provide counseling to patients on a one on one, and group basis, depending on the requirement.
• Check the efficacy of each implemented plan to determine the need for further intervention.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with external agents to acquire resources and services.
• Advise, and direct clients to required external services, providing them with referrals where needed.
• Create and maintain logs of client interactions, in an accurate and confidential manner.

Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant
Ocem Personal Services, Sparks, NV                             2005-2012
• Engaged clients in conversation to determine their specific motivations behind their substance abuse problems.
• Took and recorded notes derived from initial evaluations, and presented them to assigned counselors.
• Assisted counselors in handling difficult cases, by performing activities such as data collection and verification.
• Provided support in implementing treatment plans, based on the individual needs of each client.
• Created and maintained records of clients, their histories, and treatment plans information in a confidential manner.

Nevada State University, Sparks, NV
Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences