Substance Abuse Counselor Resume: Sample, Job Description, Skills

Updated on: March 22, 2023

A substance abuse counselor is an individual who provides individual and group support to people who are victims of drug abuse.

They are trained in providing the best in counseling services, aiming to ensure that clients reach their rehabilitation and recovery goals as soon as possible.

To work as a substance abuse counselor, you have to possess a degree in social sciences, or psychology at the very minimum. Previous experience in this regard will provide you with a great chance to be considered eligible to work in this position.

Here is a sample resume you can use as a guide to applying for a substance abuse counselor job.

Sample Resume for Substance Abuse Counselor Position

Jake Well
Sparks, NV
(000) 951-6321


Exceptionally experienced substance abuse counselor, with over 7 years of exposure in assessing and treating patients, according to their specific situations. Proficient in performing post-treatment evaluations, to determine requirements for further intervention. Ability to evaluate clients’ conditions, to determine their motivations for substance abuse.

• Program Coordination • Client Evaluation
• Referral Associations • Plan Development
• Efficacy Checking • Additional Interventions
• Clinical Documentation • Emergency Response
• Problem Identification • Treatment Phases
• Counseling • Crises Handling

• Successfully rehabilitated 350 clients, who were victims of substance abuse.
• Implemented a series of treatment programs, aimed at helping children overcome their substance abuse problems.
• Introduced a safe way of maintaining clinical documentation, considered 50% more confidential than it was before.
• Singlehandedly planned interventions for over 50 crisis cases, within the time span of 1 year.


Substance Abuse Counselor
Pinnacle Treatment Center, Sparks, NV                   
2016 – present
• Look through client histories and medical charts to determine past substance abuse problems and interventions.
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific problems and treatment requirements.
• Create, develop, and implement effective plans and programs of treatment, based on the specifics of each case.
• Provide counseling to patients on a one-on-one, and group basis, depending on the requirement.
• Check the efficacy of each implemented plan to determine the need for further intervention.
• Create and maintain effective liaisons with external agents to acquire resources and services.
• Advice, and direct clients to required external services, providing them with referrals where needed.
• Create and maintain logs of client interactions, in an accurate and confidential manner.

Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant
Ocem Personal Services, Sparks, NV                             
• Engaged clients in conversation to determine their specific motivations behind their substance abuse problems.
• Took and recorded notes derived from initial evaluations, and presented them to assigned counselors.
• Assisted counselors in handling difficult cases, by performing activities such as data collection and verification.
• Provided support in implementing treatment plans, based on the individual needs of each client.
• Created and maintained records of clients, their histories, and treatment plans information in a confidential manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences
Nevada State University, Sparks, NV

Substance Abuse Counselor Job Description for Resume

  • Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific personalities and motivations behind their substance abuse habits.
  • Interview family members to derive case information, and identify reasons for substance abuse.
  • Assess clients through thorough evaluations, and by going through past histories, and treatment plans.
  • Create, develop, and implement well-structured treatment plans to meet the individual and specific needs of all clients.
  • Measure and check the efficacy of executed programs, and ensure that any need for modification is identified and seen immediately.
  • Assess patients during recovery and rehabilitation stages, to determine their response to implemented treatments.
  • Facilitate behavior modification groups, and document attendance, participation, and progress.
  • Create and maintain productive relationships with external agents such as substance abuse and detox facilities, to ensure that clients are provided with the best in services.
  • Provide follow-up services to clients, aimed at ensuring that they remain in remission for as long as possible.
  • Create and maintain patients’ records accurately in a confidential manner.

Substance Abuse Counselor Skills for Resume

  • Well-versed in interviewing clients to determine their specific substance abuse problems, and engage them in conversation to figure out their motivations.
  • Demonstrated expertise in assessing clients through personal interactions, and by thoroughly going through their past histories.
  • Effectively able to create, develop, and implement a wide range of treatment plans, based on the individual needs of each client.
  • Highly skilled in checking the efficacy of each program to ensure that it is consistently workable, and tweaking or modifying it to meet the dynamic needs of each client.
  • Proven ability to provide both group and individual counseling to clients, depending on their specific cases, and requirements for support.
  • Highly experienced in documenting treatment plans, and ensuring that admissions and discharges to and from facilities are appropriately planned and executed.
  • Adept at performing case management activities, and providing intervention in client care monitoring activities.
  • Familiar with creating and maintaining patients’ records accurately and confidentially, placing considerable focus on their anonymity.
  • Exceptionally talented in establishing and maintaining solid work relationships with external agents, including substance abuse facilities, and detox centers.
  • Peruse and develop referrals from probation and evaluation agencies, in a proactive manner.