Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated: May 31, 2018

The many ways in which cover letters are written can often go wrong due to a few factors.

Writers may deem it alright to use flowery language when writing a cover letter because they feel that this type of writing will impress the hiring manager. Or they may feel that writing a cover letter that is full of self-praise will get them one step nearer to the interview.

Both are wrong. Using anything less than the professional language in a cover letter is career suicide. So is self-praise, as it focuses on you as an individual, and not what you can do for the company.

This can be changed. Writing a cover letter is only a problem if you let it be. When you are in the process of writing one, you have to make sure that it focuses on what the hiring manager wants you to be. Here is a sample that does this:


Substance Abuse Counselor Cover Letter Example



May 31, 2018

Mr. Han Beckett
Human Resource Manager
Pinnacle Treatment Centers
9033 Hemingway Road
Las Vegas, NV63728


Dear Mr. Beckett:

It has been a long and fruitful journey spanning 10 years, in the capacity of a substance abuse counselor, and I can safely say that I have been successful in providing a large percentage of my clients with assistance in handling their substance abuse problems in a positive manner. I would like to benefit Pinnacle Treatment Centers in the same way, and with the same dedication, in this role. Please review the attached resume for further details on my accomplishments and experience in this regard.

Completing comprehensive assessments of clients’ substance abuse histories, and determining treatment requirements that work well in specific situations, is my main strength. Preparing and implementing individualized developmentally appropriate treatment plans for clients is my niche – and I am quite popular in my line of work, owing to my ability to successfully determine what clients need in terms of support and rehabilitation. Handling complex cases, ensuring that all of them are given their due attention, has always been my main focus. In addition to this, I possess well-placed expertise in providing both individual and group counseling to clients and families, in accordance with set treatment plans.

I would love to meet with you soon and further discuss how I am the perfect person to hire as a substance abuse counselor at Pinnacle Treatment Centers. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Judith Beckly

(000) 254-9620