Substance Abuse Counselor Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: September 10, 2018

A hiring manager picks up a resume, and what do his eyes fall on first?

The first part of the resume of course – the summary.

The summary is an excellent way of introducing yourself to a prospective employer, in less than what is considered a paragraph. The opening of your resume determines if the reader will read the rest of the document as well, which is why it is imperative that you write your resume summary with great care.

Writing a Substance Abuse Counselor resume summary takes a good bit of time, primarily if you aim to impress a hiring manager. Making sure that you take out the time to elicit your skills and suitability for the position for which you are applying is essential. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that a resume summary is a waste of space. It has a purpose, which is to act as an icebreaker and to provide hiring managers with valuable information regarding your best skills for the job.

When you write a resume summary, you must focus on selling yourself to a hiring manager. Choice of words and the ability to handle the work that will eventually be assigned to you is crucial. To see how you can word your resume summary, have a look at the following ones written for an individual applying for a substance abuse counselor position:

Substance Abuse Counselor Resume Summary Examples

• Resourceful and well-organized substance abuse counselor with over five years of successful track record. Highly skilled in determining clients’ specific needs regarding rehabilitation and recovery, and creating correlating plans to address these needs.

• Substance abuse counselor with over ten years of experience in assessing and evaluating clients to determine the motivations behind substance abuse activities. Exceptionally well-versed in creating, developing, and implementing plans to meet clients’ specific, and individualized needs.

• Results-oriented substance abuse counseling boasting of 6 years’ progressively responsible work experience. Demonstrated expertise in providing clients with an orientation regarding objectives of treatment plans, to assist them in adjusting to the program.

• Over 15 years of experience in handling substance abuse caseloads by providing clients and families with excellent support and counseling, aimed at rehabilitation and recovery. Particularly adept at creating and implementing individualized plans to meet the specific requirements of each client.

• Driven and dynamic substance abuse counselor with exceptional comprehension of assessing clients proactively, and placing them according to treatment phases. Effectively able to counsel clients going through crises situations, by identifying resources, and coping abilities.