Addiction Counselor Resume Sample

Updated on April 3, 2018

Your resume writing efforts can easily go to pot if you do not follow a good format to place your most important information.

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Addiction Counselor Resume Example



Christopher Benjamin
76 East Road, Salina, KS 58520
(000) 985-2510


18+ years of experience of working as an addiction counselor. Demonstrated expertise in providing a support system for people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse problems. Ability to identify issues by engaging clients in conversation, determine treatment plans, teach clients coping mechanisms, and provide assistance with reestablishing their careers.


– Plans Development– Client Advocacy– Plan Modification
– Withdrawal Assistance– Client Assessment– Records Review
– Coordinated Care– Screening– Clinical Consultation
– Referral Support– Diagnosis Management– Family Education

• Saved a client from self-harm, by intervening in a potentially explosive situation, and calming the client down.
• Introduced the concept of coordinated care, making the whole counseling process much easier to handle.
• Implemented a family education program, targeted to help clients’ families cope with addiction withdrawals.
• Devised a client evaluation system, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the one already being used.


Addiction Counselor
Caron Treatment Centre, Salina, KS| 2008 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation to determine their specific drug or alcohol abuse issues.
• Look through clients’ files to determine their past histories, including incidents, and provided treatments.
• Formulate treatment plans to meet the individual requirements of each client.
• Implement treatment plans according to the pace and personality of each assigned client.
• Oversee all treatments plans personally, providing modifications as and when required.
• Assess clients to determine their conditions, post-implementation of treatments plans.
• Assist clients’ families in coping with the dynamics of client behavior during and after treatment.
• Create and maintain client, and treatment records in a confidential manner, and following established protocols.

Addiction Counselor
Behavioral Health Group, Salina, KS | 2000 – 2008
• Assisted clients in handling their mood swings, by teaching them coping mechanisms.
• Administered medication to clients, under the supervision of a drug counselor.
• Monitored clients to ensure their wellbeing and safety, and intervened during problem incidents.
• Assisted clients in coming to terms with their conditions, by providing them with light counseling.
• Created records of all clients, ensuring that all information was handled confidentially.

Kansas State University, Salina, KS – 1995
Master’s Degree in Psychology