Financial Aid Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: February 27, 2022

Financial Aid Counselors are responsible for providing financial aid information to students in a higher education institute.

Since this is a counseling job, they need to interact with students and grant bodies which is why strong interpersonal and communications skills are an absolute necessity.

Cover letters for Financial Aid Counselor position provide hiring managers with an overall view of your skills and potential.

Besides emphasizing your education and relevant qualifications, your cover letter should also show your dedication toward working with students and families, and your aptitude to assist them to achieve their financial goals.

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Here is a great example to get ideas from:

Financial Aid Counselor Cover Letter Example

534 N Center Street
Orange, NJ 66353

February 27, 2022

Mr. Frank Williams
Administrator, University of New Jersey
7736 Lovers Lane
Orange, NJ 77736

Dear Mr. Williams:

I am writing to apply for the position of Financial Aid Counselor at The University of New Jersey. My BS degree in Psychology, one year of financial aid and enrollment services experience, and in-depth knowledge of federal financial aid regulations make me a perfect candidate for this position.

My education and experience in a higher education setting have provided me with the ability to determine students’ financial eligibility and counsel them about the package that best suits them. I am highly skilled in using associated systems such as the Student Information System (SIS), NSLDS, COD, and Microsoft Office applications.

A strong commitment to customer service combined with exceptional written and verbal communication skills will be a proven asset to the University of New Jersey. The attached resume summarizes my skills and expertise in the financial counseling arena.

I am eager to make a solid contribution to The University of New Jersey and would like to meet with you in order to discuss this Financial Aid Counselor position in detail. I will call your office after the weekend to set up an interview and will be available at (000) 501-5287 if you need further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jennifer Edward

Attachment: resume