Guidance Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2019

Good cover letters for guidance counselor resume are generally divided into small paragraphs, minimum 3, and maximum five in number.

Below is a brief description of the sections of cover letters along with writing guidelines.



The first paragraph or the introduction needs to be extra catchy if you want the reader to keep reading.

Think of a unique beginning; be creative.

Remember, this is your chance to make your cover letter stand out of the lot!

Main Body

This is your opportunity to relate your profile to the job requirements. Convince the reader that you offer the skills they require.


Close your letter effectively.

Mention that you intend to follow up and ask for an interview don’t wait for their call and keep the ball in your court.

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Guidance Counselor Cover Letter Sample


Daniela Smith
641 Wesley Lane
Denver, CO 87003
(006) 222-1111
daniela @ email . com

July 19, 2019

Ms. Catherine Marshall
HR In Charge
Colorado Learning Group
5977 Gale Road
Denver, CO 87003


Dear Ms. Marshall:

Having served as a guidance counselor for seven years, I am fully equipped with the skills needed for the job and bring valuable experience in vocational counseling and aptitude testing as well. As the following illustration explains, by joining the Colorado Learning Group, I shall be addressing all your current counseling needs in the capacity of a senior guidance counselor.

My key qualifications include:

  • Matchless rapport building, guidance and counseling abilities
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, interact and collaborate with parents, community personnel and management regarding counseling needs and issues of students
  • Track-record of developing valid and reliable standardized tests for various levels and populations
  • In-depth knowledge of federally issued guidelines related to counseling

I would like to meet with you in person to know about your requirements and to establish how I intend to facilitate you in overcoming counseling-related issues you face at the moment in your various campuses. I will call you next Thursday to obtain an interview date and time. In the meanwhile, if you have any queries, please call me at (009) 444-3333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daniela Smith

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